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Contact our knowledgeable and friendly Product Support team directly to get answers to your questions about our product offerings.

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Questions About Your Product?

Digital Map Products provides technical support to product subscribers via telephone and email. The Support Team is available between 7am and 5pm pacific Monday through Friday.

Support requests can be submitted via email to <>.

Subscribers can also contact Support by calling 
(888) 322-6277, extension 2

To best assist resolution of your problem, please document the activity you were performing when the question or issue arose.

If you discover inaccuracies in licensed data, be certain to contact Digital Map Technical Support to report the error.

Subscribers can also access our online Training and Support Center by clicking on the question mark “?” icon from within our LandVision and GovClarity products. The Training and Support Center has a wealth of helpful user information such as product documentation, feature videos, our online training schedule, frequently asked questions, best practices and more.

Managing Support Calls

Digital Map Products uses a hosted-application to log and manage support inquiries. The application enables our team to log each inquiry, assign it to an appropriate resource for resolution, and manage the entire process. Accessible through a web browser, it allows our entire organization to collaborate on client questions and view our service level performance.