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Data: Sample Information

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DMP has an entire department of professionals that source, digitize and publish data. Below is a sample of the information leveraged by DMP clients to make better decisions and provide superior customer service.

65 CNEL (Airport Noise) Planned Community Images
Aquifer Price per Square Foot
As Builts (Scanned Plans) Property And Ownership Database
Brown Fields Price per Square Foot
Builder Sites Recharge Zone
Building Architecture (Scanned Plans) Recreation
Building Permits Registered Sex Offenders
Catastrophic Event Retail POI
CDBG Boundary Routes: Bus
Centerline Data Routes: Street Sweeping
Contours Routes: Train
Crime Sites Routes: Trash
Demographics School Boundaries
Earthquake Zones School Districts
Emergency Operations Facilities Sewer System
Endangered Species Soils
FAA Height Restrictions Storm System
Federal Lands Street Lights
FEMA Data Street Signs
Fire Hydrants Subdivisions
Gateway Commercial Tax Code Zones
General Plan Tax Database
Geology Thomas Brothers Map Page
Historic Landmarks Township and Range
HOA Areas Tract Map Index
Illicit Connections Discharge Traffic Counts
Imagery: High Resolution Ortho Trails
Imagery: Obliquer Trees
Indian Lands Urban Service Boundary
Land Use USGS Wetlands
Landmarks Vegetation
Landscape and Maintenance Areas Water Service Area by Meter
Aquifer Price per Square Foot
Migration Trends Water System
Municipal Utility Districts (MUD) Watershed
Parcel and Right-Of-Way Database Wilderness Areas
Parks Wildlife Management Areas
Petroleum Zoning Plan
Planned Community Development