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Backed with years of industry experience, Digital Map Products' team offers custom consulting services for your organization's needs.

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Consulting and Data Services

Digital Map Products’ consulting services offer comprehensive and cost-effective custom GIS services for your organization’s needs. From aerial imagery solutions to consulting services, data development to application and data integration, Digital Map Products has the right solution for your organization. Backed with years of industry experience, Digital Map Products has a team of consultants that can bring clarity and critical expertise to your GIS challenges and can help you resolve them with minimal impact to your organization’s budget.

Business Consulting

  • Best Practices Gap Analysis – Expert identification and documentation of gaps between existing processes and best practices.
    • Key benefit: Targeted, informed decision making.
  • Best Practices Workflow Optimization – Advanced redesign of workflow to gain efficiencies and increase accuracy.
    • Key benefit: Knowledge from over 400 implementations leveraged to decrease costs and increase customer satisfaction.
  • GIS Initiative Design and Management – Comprehensive GIS leadership
    • Key benefit: Objective, expert GIS direction across multiple departments and initiatives.

GIS Task Outsourcing

  • Project – Specialist assistance with GIS tasks at all levels.
    • Key benefit: Access to task-appropriate skills without adding staff.
  • Recurring – Regularly scheduled GIS specialist assistance.
    • Key benefit: Same as Project but at a lower unit cost due to longer commitment.

Custom Development

  • Integration – Seamless presentation of data housed in third-party systems through DMP GIS solutions.
    • Key benefit: Capitalize on the synergies of accessing all of your data through DMP GIS tools without human effort.
  • Application Development – Expert creation of advanced, scalable custom applications.
    • Key benefit: Turn ideas into competitive advantages quickly and economically.


  • Product Usage Training – Onsite and online delivery of new employee, refresher and advanced DMP application training.
    • Key benefit: Training delivered quickly by DMP certified trainer.


DMP has an entire department of professionals that source, digitize and publish data. View sample data information leveraged by DMP clients to make better decisions and provide superior customer service.

In addition to the innovative GIS applications built on the DigitalMapCentral platform, Digital Map can provide sourced, aggregated, digitized data sets to governments and businesses through re-licensing agreements with leading data and information companies.

Digital Map acts as a central resource for managing all licensing contracts, securing updates, and providing front-line support to clients licensing third party data through Digital Map. Data Solutions can be used with DigitalMapCentral subscriptions as well as with in-house GIS applications and programs.

Following is an overview of third party data Digital Map can license to clients:


County Parcel Bases

Digital Map has developed unique and deep relationships with counties, enabling Digital Map to re-license county parcel bases to Digital Map clients. County parcel bases are truly the “glue” in a successful GIS implementation, tying data to its specific location in a community. Each county’s parcel base differs in accuracy, completeness, update frequency and licensing terms. Learn More »

Property Ownership Information

Digital Map re-licenses property ownership records. These records add value to the annual County Assessor tax rolls by managing, maintaining, and supporting use of the data. Digital Map provides this data linked via the assessor parcel number with the parcel base. This data set is updated with monthly sales records from County Clerk offices and includes individual condominium records. This is the same database that agencies have previously licensed as Metroscan. Most local agencies prefer to license property records from a commercial provider that adds value through management, maintenance, and support rather than attempting to integrate the annual Assessor tax roles from the County into their GIS system.

Raster Tax Maps

Assessor tax maps are provided in raster format for use with ownership information and the parcel base and are printable through CityGIS. These maps also provide detailed information about the parcels and are updated on an annual basis.

Street Centerline Databases

Street centerline databases provide an intelligent centerline for use in geo-coding applications, street names, and points of interest information. Digital Map has partnered with leading providers Thomas Bros. Maps (Rand McNally) and Tele Atlas to make street centerline databases available for local government agencies. Street databases are generally updated on an annual basis.

1/2-Meter and 1-Meter Color Aerial Imagery

Digital Map has partnerships with leading stock aerial photography partners such as Aerials Express, enabling Digital Map to re-license color aerial imagery for all urban and suburban markets. These images are updated annually. These providers have recently migrated to a new level of quality and detail (1.5 or 1 foot pixel resolution) standard that truly enables analysis and decision making operations to be incorporated into GIS systems. Many clients that have custom flown ortho-photography also choose to license stock aerials on an annual basis to track changes in their communities.

Hazards Databases

Digital Map has two partnerships bringing valuable location-based data to our agency clients. Brightstar provides a Natural Hazards Database detailing FEMA flood zones, fire zones, and areas potentially impacted by earthquake slides or liquefaction. Track Info Services’ database provides information on all environmental hazards in a community such as Superfund sites and leaking tanks. Both partners license their databases extensively in the real estate and engineering industries where they are used for disclosure reports.

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