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Mexico Business Data

Our Mexico business data includes the largest and only location-enabled source for businesses in Mexico. Your organization can now leverage over 1.4M Mexico business records.

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Mexico Business Data: Access To The Largest And Only Location-Enabled Dataset

Our Mexico business dataset includes the largest and most comprehensive location-enabled source for information about businesses in Mexico. Your organization can now leverage over 1.5M records about Mexico businesses with unparalleled accuracy and completeness. In fact, we location enable our Mexico Business Data by collecting the actual latitude/longitude along with the street address, which makes it ready for integration into your location-based analysis and Internet applications. Our dataset is the trusted source of location-enabled Mexico business data for some of the largest companies in the world.

mexico business data

How The Data Is Categorized—Since 1995 we’ve been compiling and providing the world’s best and most accurate data on Mexican businesses. Every record in our Mexico business database has the following fields of information: Industry Sector, Major SIC Category (2 Digit), Sub SIC Category (4 Digit), Product or Service Description, Company Name, Address, Colonia, City, State, Zip/Postal Code, Latitude/Longitude and Telephone. Also included when available are: Fax, Web, Email, Contact Person, Title, Annual Sales Volume, Number of Employees and Years In Business.

How The Data Is Delivered—The Mexico business data can be delivered on demand via our SpatialStream® web services platform, providing an easy integration into your online applications with unequaled performance and user interactivity. We also offer our datasets via on-site delivery (Tab Delimited or CSV file, customer’s choice) when controlled deployment on your premises or behind your firewall is desired.

How The Data Is Acquired And Updated—Our Mexico Business Data includes detailed and verified information on Mexican companies gathered from multiple sources such as newspapers, magazines, trade publications, listings of exhibitors participating at trade fairs and seminars, yellow pages, web sources, membership databases from chambers of commerce and professional associations and companies registering with us. And before any data is entered into the Mexico business dataset, all records go through a strict verification process by our data team. This ensures you get the best data available on Mexican companies. Because any business data is always changing, we continually update our Mexico Business Data, adding new businesses, updating information about existing businesses and removing expired businesses. We even have an online form for business owners to submit their business information for consideration.

How The Data Can Be Licensed—Any combination of SIC categories is available, so you are not restricted to purchase a license for the entire Mexico business dataset, although that is the most common request we receive. Data license pricing is based on the number of records required and how you wish to utilize our data. Contact us to learn more or download a data sample.

In addition to a purchasing a license of the entire database or a set of records based on your unique needs, we also have sub-datasets created based on common requests from our customers. They are:

  • Points Of Interest (POI) Dataset
  • Mexico Manufacturers Dataset
  • Mexico Email Dataset
  • Mexico Importers and Exporters Dataset
  • Mexico Wholesalers & Distributors Dataset
  • Mexico Retailers Dataset
  • Mexico Head Office Dataset

How We Maintain A High-Quality Dataset—There are more companies in Mexico than we have in our dataset, however, we only list those companies that meet our stringent listing criteria. This means only companies that have a physical address and a registered telephone line are included. This ensures you receive only the best and most up-to-date data. We always strive to supply you with the highest quality data.

If you’d like to learn more about our list of companies in Mexico or ask about pricing, contact us. To see the complete list of datasets available from Digital Map Products including direct access to premium location data including property boundary, property information, neighborhood boundaries, municipal boundaries, and geodemographic data, visit our Map Ready Data page.

Own a business in Mexico? Register your business to be included in our dataset! Click here to register.


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