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Digital Map Products’ location data products support users’ ability to integrate precise parcel boundary, geocode and property information into their systems and applications in order to enable accurate location based analysis and decision-making.

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Location Data Solutions

Many organizations including energy, engineering, oil, gas & pipeline, and utilities, as well as right of way professionals, are gaining a competitive advantage by using Digital Map Products’ location data suite of products to help them map applications, perform business analysis and provide location-based services.


Parcel Data SolutionsSmartParcels—Allows professionals across industry and government organizations access to nationwide parcel and property data sets providing precise location context, accuracy and interactivity for integration into your location technology systems and applications to power location decisions. Learn More »



SpatialStream—Allows organizations to enhance their own mapping applications and systems by leveraging our technology and data layers via APIs. Learn More »


Disclosures DataDisclosures—Allows disclosure report firms access to California property and parcel data with associated natural hazard data for incorporation into property disclosure reports.


Digital Map Products’ location data services help users achieve the level of precision that’s expected from today’s location technologies. We take care of the technology and data—but put its power in your hands.

White PaperMaking the Most of Parcel Data

Parcel boundaries make your location research faster, easier, and far more thorough. Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski talks about how parcel boundaries improve decision-making and explains the complexities of this data set.

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Download sample parcel dataDownload Now: Free Sample Parcel Data

Digital Map Products’ parcel data provides nationwide accurate parcel boundary and surface ownership data. With coverage across 140+ million parcels nationwide, we continually update and expand our data coverage. Our parcel data is available for free trial with two sample county data sets.

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