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Parcel Data

SmartParcels parcel and property data offerings include nationwide parcel boundaries, geocodes and property attributes such as ownership, land use, and assessed value.

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SmartParcels Parcel and Property Data

SmartParcels empowers your geospatial and location-based systems, applications and analytics with better location context, accuracy and interactivity. Leverage the power of nationwide parcel data and property attribute records, which we standardize and join together from thousands of local government offices on an ongoing basis. Heighten your location intelligence with our parcel data, unparalleled in accuracy, breadth, currency and depth of detail.

Comprehensive Nationwide Footprint
As the leading source for parcel and property data in the United States, Digital Map Products’ SmartParcels covers 151+ million properties and updates daily. In addition, SmartParcels includes 140+ million parcel boundaries matched with property records, across 2800+ counties, covering over 99% of the U.S. population including all major cities/metropolitan areas and most rural areas. SmartParcels continues to expand and enhance property data to be complete and up-to-date for business making decisions.

Parcel Data


Ultraprecise and Detailed Positional Accuracy
SmartParcels parcel data comprises key elements driving location accuracy and detail:

Unequaled Data Sourcing, Aggregation, Normalization & Delivery
DMP’s SmartParcels parcel data is sourced directly from individual local county and township government agencies throughout the country and is aggregated, standardized and updated on an ongoing basis. Processing over 70 Million data records per month on average, DMP’s regular updates, parcel additions and rigorous data maintenance processes ensure that with SmartParcels, you have access to the most current and precise location information.

SmartParcels are platform independent and can be integrated into any standard commercial application or in-house system. SmartParcels can be delivered via our ParcelStream web service/API, a module of our SpatialStream platform, providing an easy integration into your applications with unequaled performance and user interactivity. We also offer SmartParcels via on-site delivery (Shapefile or FGDB) when controlled deployment on your premises or behind your firewall is desired.

Watch our SmartParcels parcel data solutions video and see how you can leverage the power of location:


Key Uses and Benefits
Leading companies and agencies across a wide range of verticals including real estate, government, energy, engineering, utilities, oil & gas, and more rely on SmartParcels to power their analytics and applications as well as streamline and inform decision-making:

  • Integrate easily into your mapping or geospatial system, application, or analytics processes
  • Achieve highly precise locations for location data search, display, and analysis
  • Perform sophisticated spatial analysis such as point-in-polygon, buffer and property analysis
  • Link parcel data to other data sets for an interactive mapping experience

Download Sample Parcel Data
Our best-in-class nationwide parcel data is available for trial with two sample county data sets. Download our sample parcel data sets and experience the ultimate in location precision.

Digital Map Products is a recognized leader in location data, with over a decade of experience in aggregating and standardizing parcel data and linking it to assessor and recorder’s records throughout the United States. DMP was a key contributor in pioneering the collection and distribution of parcel data via participation in a consortium to create the legal framework allowing private companies to use parcel data created and maintained by government agencies.

Download sample parcel dataDownload Now: Free Sample Parcel Data

Digital Map Products’ parcel data provides nationwide accurate parcel boundary and surface ownership data. With coverage across 140+ million parcels nationwide, we continually update and expand our data coverage. Our parcel data is available for free trial with two sample county data sets.

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White PaperMaking the Most of Parcel Data

Parcel boundaries make your location research faster, easier, and far more thorough. Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski talks about how parcel boundaries improve decision-making and explains the complexities of this data set.

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