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GovClarity is a civic data integration and mapping platform that empowers local government agencies to unify their data, accelerate decision-making, and improve productivity and efficiency across departments.

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GovClarity is designed specifically for the unique needs of local government agencies such as cities, counties, and regional associations. DMP’s GovClarity spatial data integration and interactive mapping platform provides a common system for agencies to easily access, create, analyze and maintain spatial data.

GovClarity is the first cloud-based local government mapping and integration platform that delivers to your agency the ability to integrate and enhance your data usability. Use GovClarity to consolidate data, analyze asset locations, streamline workflows and accelerate decisions. GovClarity offers deep insights into your data and builds the foundation for exceptional constituent service.

Watch our GovClarity overview video and learn how you can unlock the value in your agency’s data:

Location-Based Cloud Integration Platform

Location is the logical integration point for local government data, systems and activities. GovClarity provides a common system for cities and counties to access all their property and spatial information. Agency staff can access, create, analyze and maintain spatial data in a few clicks, improving inter-departmental collaboration and data accuracy.

GovClarity Mapping for Everyday ActivitiesMapping Embedded into Everyday Activities

Maps reduce the complexity of data, improve decision making and are ideal for accessing, understanding, and acting on data. GovClarity simplifies everyday departmental activities by embedding mapping, saving significant time and money. Update your zoning map, create a notification, and manage asset inspections all using GovClarity.

GovClarity Citizen Engagement

Constituent Engagement with Location

Increase constituent engagement and your responsiveness to feedback using GovClarity features that allow you to easily publish information to online interactive maps on your website.

GovClarity is Easy to Use

Easy to Use and Maintain

GovClarity is cloud-based with no maintenance hassles or hidden costs, enabling you to achieve immediate gains in efficiency and staff productivity. GovClarity is customizable and you can use our API to integrate with other systems to truly unlock the power of location.


GovClarity is the future of data integration, information access and fact-based decision making for local government. Unlock the power of location with GovClarity.

“I like using GovClarity* to collaborate with my colleagues. When working with other agencies, you can markup a map, send it, get a response immediately, and save time.”

-City of San Juan Capistrano, CA City Engineer

*GovClarity product was formerly branded CityGIS

San Juan Capistrano Interagency Collaboration Case StudyCustomer StoryInspiring Interagency Collaboration Through Visual Mapping

San Juan Capistrano uses GovClarity to collaborate with non-technical staff members of other agencies on various land management projects.

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