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Visual Map Tools Give Pacific Northwest Home Builders a Competitive Edge

August 28, 2007
By: Richard Lin

Santa Ana, CA – August 28, 2007 – Digital Map Products (DMP) ( today announced a partnership with Seattle-based New Home Trends (NHT) that allows builders and developers to view critical industry data in a web-based visual interface. The two companies are now offering NHT’s forecasting data with DMP’s LandVision™ software to NHT customers in the Pacific Northwest.

“The cutting edge in a very competitive real estate market right now is the ability to combine data from multiple sources into a visual interface. Trends, opportunities, and development patterns literally pop off the page when they’re plugged into a GIS map,” James Skurzynski, President of Digital Map Products, said.

“LandVison™ brings a unique product to this market and fills a long time need for both small and large companies,” President of New Home Trends Todd Britsch said. “Our partnership with Digital Map Products allows us to offer a complete GIS package that all builders and developers can afford.”

Britsch said smaller builders and developers often cannot afford Geographic Information Systems built from proprietary data. But LandVision™ is an open system, meaning New Home Trends’ data can be combined with Digital Map Products’ and offered at a reasonable rate.

Skurzynski said the partnership with NHT shows the power of combining data from multiple sources and allowing users to access that data via a visual interface, rather than having to study it in an isolated database. He said DMP has helped local governments and real estate companies offer their data in a map-based format, and it’s constantly looking for new ways to partner with innovative businesses like NHT.

“This partnership represents the next step in our constant search for new data and novel ways to display and use that data, which helps businesses make more efficient decisions. “

Digital Map Products hopes to replicate this partnership in other regions of the United States.


About New Home Trends
New Home Trends, Inc., offers clients its decades of consulting and data gathering on the new home marketplace in the Pacific Northwest The website offers clients enhanced decision making through access to all current and future communities in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The company offers a unique, user-friendly database which, combined with industry-leading tools, takes the guesswork out of what’s happening and what the trends are in the marketplace.

About Digital Map Products
Digital Map Products, Inc. was the first provider of subscription web applications that embed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to enhance workflow productivity. Based in Santa Ana, California, the company’s SaaS products serve nearly 500 customers, representing about 200,000 registered users. Its ParcelStream™ web application is powering national real estate websites with millions of hits per month. Products include online applications such as LandVision™ for the research, acquisition, and management of land assets, CityGIS™and CommunityView™ for government and ParcelStream™ for web developers. To learn more, visit

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