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RealEstate Business Intelligence Leverages Digital Map Products’ Mapping Technology to Create Powerful Real Estate Analytics Tools

November 5, 2010
By: Richard Lin

(Irvine, CA – November 5, 2010) Digital Map Products (DMP), a leading provider of cloud-based spatial technology solutions, today announced RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI) selected DMP’s development platform, SpatialStream, to power the mapping in its cutting-edge real estate analytics offerings. RBI, a data analytics company and wholly owned subsidiary of Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc (MRIS), is using SpatialStream to bring interactive trend maps and advanced data visualization tools to agents, brokers, appraisers, and other real estate professionals who use its statistical real estate reports.

“As real estate professionals, our customers rely upon us for timely real estate data, analytics, and business intelligence,” Margaret O’Sullivan, RBI vice president of operations, said. “We are committed to providing best-in-class technology and incorporating Digital Map Products’ mapping solutions helps us to accomplish this. Now, our users can more easily explore, understand and communicate real estate trends and local market dynamics.”

RBI is leveraging SpatialStream to add interactive trend maps, heat maps, and advanced spatial analysis tools to both its public website and soon-to-be-released advanced analytics products. These spatial enhancements will let real estate professionals extract even greater value and insights from RBI’s data and market intelligence. In addition to expanding its mapping capabilities, SpatialStream also helps RBI reduce its time-to-market, development costs, and system maintenance.

“We’re thrilled to be working with a company that recognizes the immense value mapping brings to analytics,” Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski said. “RBI is taking real estate analytics and visualization to new levels and embodies the new, data-driven direction of real estate. SpatialStream is ideal for innovators like RBI because it allows them to rapidly evolve their products without needing to build a core competency in spatial technology.”

SpatialStream is a cloud-based development platform that makes it far easier to bring a robust and intuitive mapping application to market. By offering access to comprehensive spatial functionality, key geospatial data sets, and the latest innovations in mapping technology, SpatialStream provides a complete solution to meet organizations’ growing needs for useable location technology.


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Digital Map Products is a leading provider of web-enabled spatial solutions that bring the power of mapping technology to mainstream business, government and consumer applications. SpatialStream, the company’s SaaS spatial development platform, enables the rapid development of spatial applications. Its ParcelStream web service is powering national real estate websites with millions of hits per hour. LandVision and CityGIS are embedded GIS solutions for real estate and local government. To learn more, visit

About RealEstate Business Intelligence, LLC (RBI)

RealEstate Business Intelligence, LLC (RBI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, Inc. (MRIS). RBI is a primary source of real estate data, analytics and business intelligence for real estate professionals with business interests in the Mid-Atlantic region. MRIS serves more than 40,000 real estate professionals spanning the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia.

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