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New SaaS Spatial Technology Lets Government, Real Estate Users Integrate & Analyze Spatial Data from Multiple Sources

March 16, 2009
By: Richard Lin

Irvine, CA – March 16, 2009 – Digital Map Products (DMP) has integrated two new powerful spatial technology features into its SaaS spatial products. Data Loader and Thematic Mapper allow DMP customers to quickly and easily import and thematically map outside spatial data sets in CityGIS™ and LandVision™, facilitating more complex and thorough spatial data analysis.

Data Loader lets users load shape and .csv files in a few simple steps so they can work with all their spatial data in one application, regardless of its source. Thematic Mapper makes sophisticated data mapping and display a breeze, enabling users to quickly identify trends and make more informed decisions based on their data. Thematic Mapper supports several data classification schemes and multi-dimensional data analysis.

Data integration is a key trend in GIS and spatial technology
Digital Map Products’ mission is to take sophisticated spatial technology and make it easy to use so entire organizations can harness the power of GIS to work more efficiently and make better decisions. The company has long been a leader in helping the real estate industry, government and other sectors turn data into visual insights. Data visualization gives users the ability to quickly and easily make sense of large data sets and to identify key trends by varying the display of the data.

“As more business and government users began using and appreciating the power of visualization technology, they asked for the ability to combine data from various sources,” Digital Map Product’s CEO Jim Skurzynski says. “We wanted to give our customers new spatial tools so they could combine our data with any other data they like, control the display to make it more effective, and leverage the investment they have already made in spatial technology.”

Cities find a better way to work with and share spatial data
The addition of Data Loader and Thematic Mapper to CityGIS™, DMP’s Software-as-a-Service enterprise GIS application, allows cities to load, display and analyze outside spatial data sets with ease. With such flexibility, CityGIS™ is the logical integration and access point for cities’ spatial data.

  • Zoning and general plan maps are maintained in CityGIS™ and published to other departments for real-time integration into their decision workflows
  • Up-to-date Public Works layers are available to all city departments, on demand
  • Public Safety can analyze crime types and locations and pinpoint crime hotspots

Real estate analysis today calls for quick and easy tools
The use of mapping technology has become a necessity in the real estate market for spotting trends and remaining competitive. The integration of Data Loader and Thematic Mapper into Digital Map Products’ LandVision™ real estate application, allows users to import and combine:

  • Third-party spatial data sets such as market intelligence, foreclosure or listings data
  • Internal spatial data sets such as sub-market designations, proprietary property database records, or survey results
  • Local government data sets such as zoning maps or transportation lines and stations


About Digital Map Products
Digital Map Products, Inc. was the first provider of subscription web applications that embed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to enhance workflow productivity. Based in Orange County, California, the company’s SaaS spatial platform enables the streamlined development of applications leveraging embedded GIS capabilities and data. Its ParcelStream™ web application is powering national real estate websites with millions of hits per hour. Products include online applications such as LandVisionTM for the research, acquisition and management of land assets, and CityGISTM and CommunityViewTM for local government. To learn more, visit

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