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Lumentum, LLC Leverages Digital Map Products’ SpatialStream Mapping Technology to Expand Real Estate Analytics Offerings

October 16, 2013
By: Richard Lin

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(Irvine, CA – October 16, 2013) Digital Map Products, a leading innovator of cloud-based spatial technology solutions for business, government, and consumers, today announced Lumentum, LLC has entered into an expanded agreement to license the company’s SpatialStream development platform. Lumentum, a real estate data analytics firm, has selected SpatialStream to power the mapping in its pioneering DigiPan 3.0 technology platform, which brings real estate visual due diligence tools and advanced data visualization offerings to brokers, distressed real estate investors, and tax lien investors.

“Our distressed real estate investor and tax lien investor customers depend on us for actionable real estate data, analytics and business intelligence,” AJ Koontz, Lumentum Managing Partner, said. “Our commitment is to create best-in-class technology, and leveraging Digital Map Products’ cutting-edge mapping solutions helps us to achieve this goal. With our expanded offerings, users will be able to delve deeper into distressed real estate and tax lien market dynamics and more easily discover, understand and act upon market trends.”

Lumentum is leveraging SpatialStream to incorporate interactive trend maps, heat maps and advanced spatial analysis capabilities in both its public website and forthcoming advanced analytics offerings. These spatial technology enhancements will empower Lumentum’s clients to derive further value and insights from Lumentum’s distressed real estate and tax lien market intelligence. Additionally, SpatialStream benefits Lumentum’s technology and product development initiatives by decreasing time-to-market, as well as reducing development and maintenance costs.

“Lumentum understands the tremendous value that mapping and location technology bring to real estate analytics, and we are pleased to expand our partnership,” said Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski. “By advancing real estate analytics and data visualization, Lumentum is a driving force in the increasingly data-driven distressed real estate and tax lien investing arena. Our SpatialStream platform empowers innovators like Lumentum to rapidly enhance their offerings without needing to build a core competency in spatial technology.”

Digital Map Products’ SpatialStream is a cloud-based mapping development platform that helps companies create robust and intuitive mapping applications. By offering access to comprehensive spatial functionality, key geospatial data sets, and the latest innovations in mapping technology, SpatialStream provides a complete solution to meet organizations’ growing needs for location technology.


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Digital Map Products (DMP) is the leading provider of location technology and data solutions that bring the power of mapping to business and government entities as well as consumers. The company’s cloud-based solutions add efficiency and sophistication to everyday business workflow, allowing users to work faster, work smarter and make better decisions. DMP offers foundational SpatialStream location technology development platform and Parcel Datasets that include nationwide parcel boundaries, geocodes and property attributes. DMP’s SaaS products, LandVision real estate analysis platform and GovClarity civic data integration and mapping platform, enable organizations to accelerate informed decision-making and improve productivity. To learn more, visit

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Lumentum, LLC is the primary source of real estate data, analytics and business intelligence for tax lien investors and distressed real estate investors. Lumentum, LLC provides analytics to the $13 Billion-dollar-a-year tax lien investment community. To learn more, visit

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