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LandVision™ Version 7.1 Provides E-Size Print Capability

August 22, 2007
By: Richard Lin

Santa Ana, CA – August 22, 2007 – Digital Map Products (DMP) ( today announced that LandVision™ version 7.1 has been released. The new version offers large format printing, improved print quality and adds new productivity tools. Version 7.1 will be made available to all new and existing customers at no additional cost through an automatic upgrade.

LandVision™ version 7.1 incorporates an industry-first capability to print up to e-size plots. In the past, CD-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions offered e-size print capabilities; however as the software as a service (SaaS) GIS industry developed, this print capability was not addressed.

“Digital Map Products, responding to our customers needs, is proud to offer e-size format printing,” DMP President Jim Skurzynski said. “No longer will users need to do multiple copy and pastes and then edit drawings in third-party software to create large format prints. Now, all users have to do is select the e-size option from a simple drop-down menu.”

LandVision™ version 7.1 offers true “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” printing, saving both time and money by reducing the number of reprints. Print resolution has also been improved to offer the clearest and sharpest print images at all zoom levels.

Enabling users to create large format prints quickly and easily, directly from LandVision™, has been a key priority for Digital Map Products.

“The primary mission of Digital Map Products is to empower customers to visualize and interact with real estate data, whether electronically or via a printout,” says DMP President Jim Skurzynski. “By visualizing data, LandVision™ users can draw novel, more valuable insights about their data, and ultimately make better real estate decisions.”

This large format print capability will also be incorporated into Digital Map Products’ CityGIS™ product line.


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