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Land Shortages Inspire Developers to Use Mapping Technologies to Acquire Best Locations

August 3, 2005
By: Richard Lin

Digital Map Products’ Web GIS Software Helps Developers Secure Most Desirable Land

COSTA MESA, Calif., August 3, 2005 – The land acquisition and land development industry is a hot market, and according to Digital Map Products, Inc. (DMP), a developer of high-performance Web GIS software, land developers, home builders, and commercial and industrial builders are looking to devise new strategies to ensure an adequate lot supply for their organizations. A shortage of “desirable” land has made the acquisition market highly competitive and very profitable for those firms that can most successfully execute their acquisition strategies. Many of these companies have turned to new mapping technologies, such as DMP’s CityGIS5™ for Real Estate Developers, to help them locate and secure the most desirable locations for land development.

While real estate industry revenues, profits and unit closings continue to grow dramatically, the supply of land does not. In a recent survey of the industry’s top builders, the majority identified land management as the top business issue. A popular trend taking root is to bring the productivity benefits of technology into the land acquisition process. DMP, an early pioneer in the industry, continues to be at the forefront of delivering mapping solutions that enable land acquisition professionals to successfully fill their pipeline.

Historically, land acquisition teams have relied on local market knowledge, local real estate brokers, drive-bys, isolated data sources and specially-trained staff dedicated to assembling data to help make acquisition decisions. Maps have always been integral in the process, but most maps have been static, dated, single-themed paper solutions. Critical data such as property ownership, competitor activity, and demographic data are often accessed via different sources.

With recent, rapidly growing trends in mapping software technologies, builders are now able to arm their land development and acquisition teams with tools that:

  •  Enhance land acquisition capability and capacity
  • Facilitate team collaboration on acquisition strategies
  • Reduce risks associated with land acquisition through early exposure to negative characteristics of a property.
  • Improve margins by beating competitors and speculators to available land

Many builders are experiencing these gains with DMP’s mapping subscription service, which delivers live, dynamic, up-to-date data with a depth that provides new insight into development. “Land acquisition is a process, not an event,” said the company’s Vice President of Marketing, Steve Stautzenbach. “We’ve pioneered easy-to-use, rapidly deployed mapping technology for land acquisition processes. Our software as a service business model, where customers securely access customized mapping data via the Web, offers convenience, efficiency and affordability to customers resulting in a positive impact on their bottom line.”

Companies using DMP’s CityGIS5 for Real Estate Developers enjoy a variety of benefits and competitive advantages. Most significantly, customers gain the ability to create, maintain and track important statistics related to each parcel under review to more effectively collaborate with each other on the acquisition process. Large builders pursuing entry into new geographical markets can use CityGIS5 to gain a substantial jump-start on their land acquisition process by simply adding the new metro area to their existing subscription to empower the new team.

“Our regional builder clients claim that using DMP technology puts them in a position to compete against the national builders for early acquisition opportunities,” added Stautzenbach. “When smaller builders invest in a technology-based approach to land acquisition, it enables them to compete against the more sizable teams of large public builders.”

Recognizing that the builder and land acquisition industry is one of the markets that can benefit most from its technology, DMP plans to launch a new product specifically aimed at that community. The product, to be announced this fall, will boast significant new functionality to enable clients to more quickly and intelligently decide when to aggressively pursue land parcels that meet the requirements of their business plans.

About CityGIS5™
CityGIS5™, DMP’s flagship product, is the leading Web-hosted solution for enterprise-wide deployment of an organization’s maps and data. Developed for government agencies, utilities, real estate developers and other organizations that rely on geographic information, CityGIS5 is application software that deploys maps and related data across the organization, providing a fast, visual profile of any property or location through a web browser. CityGIS5 saves significant budget resources by arming employees in all departments with access to information and enabling project collaboration and map data management, directly through the browser.


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