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Digital Map Products Releases LandVision Version 7.0

May 23, 2007
By: Richard Lin

SANTA ANA, CA–(Marketwire – May 23, 2007) -Digital Map Products ( today announced the release of version 7.0 of LandVision™ for the real estate market. The latest version incorporates several new features, including compatibility with Google Earth™ and integration with Microsoft® Virtual Earth™. The new features enable users to visualize greater property information and imagery with ease and were designed to save users time and augment their map-based decision-making processes.

With the release of LandVision™ 7.0, users can now access their Google Earth™ installations from LandVision™ and move seamlessly between the two applications. Users can select a property of interest in LandVision™ and then view it from a different perspective, such as 3-D with Google Earth™. Then from Google Earth™, users can navigate to another location and effortlessly zoom in on that new area of interest in LandVision™.

For properties identified in LandVision™, users can also view them via an embedded integration with Microsoft’s® Virtual Earth™ Oblique imagery. Users can view properties in higher resolution and from multiple vantage points (north, south, east, and west), without the inconvenience of leaving LandVision™.

New features also include the option to view summary parcel information for all parcels in a given map view. Users can filter labels to view only certain property types (Commercial, Residential,..). An additional Parcel Labels option lets users mouse over a parcel and quickly view property or sales data without having to identify the parcel.

With the LLC lookup feature, users can now link to the appropriate state website for researching corporate ownership information all from within LandVision™. This allows for quick and seamless drill-down through a property’s LLC-ownership structure to determine the ultimate owner of a property.

The new features of v.7.0 were incorporated while simultaneously improving the overall performance of LandVision™. There are a significantly faster load time and quicker navigation within LandVision™ v.7.0, all resulting in an enhanced user experience.


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