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Digital Map Products Launches ParcelStream™ for Web-Based Mapping

January 3, 2007
By: Richard Lin

COSTA MESA, CA–(Marketwire – January 03, 2007) – Digital Map Products today launched ParcelStream™, a product that lets web developers use current and accurate property lines for display in any web-based digital mapping application.

“As more companies develop websites and applications that take advantage of the latest sophisticated map-based information such as satellite imagery, the demand for accurate property line information is going to grow,” said Digital Map Products’ President Jim Skurzynski.

“ParcelStream™ makes that information available on a broad scale, faster and cheaper than ever before.”

Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions, a subsidiary of Fidelity National Information Services Inc, already uses ParcelStream™ to show property line information on its new fast-growing CyberHomes site (, which provides consumers and real estate professionals with valuation data on residential properties. On the CyberHomes website, accurate property lines provided by ParcelStream™ are integral to the visual representation of property valuation. “ParcelStream™ was the fastest way to get parcel lines into CyberHomes. It provided the best geographic coverage available and was very easy to integrate with our application,” said Marty Frame, Chief Information Officer for Fidelity.

“Traditionally, each enterprise interested in integrating property line information into their specific web application would have to approach individual county agencies for their parcel line records,” Skurzynski said. “Many times those records come in different formats and require a variety of collection and licensing techniques. It can take teams of people and hundreds of thousands of dollars to research, collect, aggregate, normalize and manage that information. Additionally, the information changes daily and needs to be kept current in order to truly be of value. With ParcelStream™, we do all the legwork.”

Digital Map Products maintains an easily accessible repository of property lines for 60 million properties in major metropolitan areas. Expansion plans for 2007 include most of the remaining populated areas of the United States.

Digital Map Products’ applications have had a long-standing reputation for bringing sophisticated spatial technology to a large-scale audience via the Internet. “We are far more efficient by being able to relate how a property looks by matching aerial photography to the actual information on the lot. That has been very important for our decision-making process,” said Victor Velez Assistant Branch Chief for the California Department of Food and Agriculture another recent client of Digital Map Products.


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Digital Map Products, Inc., a privately held company founded in 2000, is a pioneer in the integration of parcel lines, aerial maps, property information and more into easy to use, internet-based software applications for advanced decision-making. Other products include turnkey web-based applications for specific vertical markets such as CityGIS™ for local government and LandVision™ for the builder-developer market. Digital Map Products’ headquarters are in Costa Mesa, California. More information about Digital Map Products can be found at

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