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Digital Map Products Helps Habitat for Humanity Compete More Efficiently in the Development Market

June 23, 2008
By: Richard Lin

Santa Ana, CA June 23, 2008 – Digital Map Products (DMP) ( today announced it has donated its GIS-powered knowledge capture and visualization tool LandVision™ to Orlando, Florida’s Habitat for Humanity chapter.

With the downturn of the real estate market, Digital Map Products president and founder Jim Skurzynski says many small and mid-sized organizations doing in-fill, low-income, senior housing, and retail development are looking for ways to more efficiently collect total knowledge about their organization, analyze the changing market and acquire or dispose of land assets.

“Habitat for Humanity, like many organizations, has been hit by the downturn in the housing market,” Skurzynski said. “Since they do such valuable work, we saw an opportunity to help them make more efficient and effective decisions and possibly even take advantage of the troubled market by giving them a powerful tool usually only available to for-profit builders and developers.”

Digital Map Products’ LandVision™ leverages advanced spatial analysis and data visualization technologies to help developers locate, research, qualify, and manage real estate opportunities. It integrates a host of property, environmental, and marketing information, with aerial imagery and advanced analytical and data management functionality. This allows users to not only see a picture of a property of interest but also to retrieve, store and manage key information about the property and its surroundings.

One of the ways LandVision™ allows users to work more efficiently is by enabling knowledge capture. LandVision’s™ knowledge capture capabilities allow the entire real estate team to easily spatial enable their proprietary market and property knowledge by inputting it into the system and allowing them to search and retrieve it for later use. Organizations can create a common visual database that ties their data together with general data, allowing them to extract greater value from this information and gain a competitive advantage.

Habitat for Humanity Orlando Deputy Director Greg Allen said his organization recently made the decision to develop multi-family low-income housing, in order to better serve people who otherwise could not afford homes. But in order to find suitable sites for development, Habitat needs to compete with other developers and builders who are looking for three-to-ten acre sites in Orange County.

“LandVision will help us find those opportunities,” Allen said. “It will also allow us to show – with maps rather than words –the progress we have made to our board, potential funders and the community. We are excited about having this efficient knowledge capture and visualization tool to make our efforts more effective.”

Habitat’s land acquisition specialist Wally Miller said LandVision™ will allow him to pull together information he previously had to gather from several different county offices. It will also allow him to use the Internet to locate potential development sites that might be hard to spot otherwise.


About Habitat for Humanity Orlando
Habitat Orlando brings together families in need and volunteers of all faiths, in partnership with community resources, to enhance lives by building homes, strengthening neighborhoods and improving the community. Habitat Orlando is located at 1925 Traylor Blvd, Orlando 32804. For more information, visit

About Digital Map Products
Digital Map Products, Inc. was the first provider of subscription web applications that embed Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to enhance workflow productivity. Based in Santa Ana, California, the company’s SaaS products serve nearly 500 customers, representing about 200,000 registered users. Its ParcelStream™ web application is powering national real estate websites with millions of hits per month. Products include online applications such as LandVision™ for the research, acquisition and management of land assets, CityGIS™and CommunityView™ for government and ParcelStream™ for web developers. To learn more, visit

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