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Digital Map Products and California City Honored For Using Spatial Technology to Create Virtual Interactive Trail Maps

December 10, 2009
By: Richard Lin

(Irvine, CA Dec. 10, 2009) Digital Map Products (DMP) and the City of San Juan Capistrano will be honored today for developing an interactive virtual map of the City’s trail system. For their innovative use of DMP’s spatial technology, the City will receive a B.E.S.T. Project of the Year Award, from the Southern California Chapter of the American Public Works Association.

The Virtual Trail Maps showcase the City of San Juan Capistrano’s 70 trails and allow residents to virtually explore the trails, identify trail features, obtain driving directions, and view videos of the actual trails. This information is published and accessible online via DMP’s CommunityView™ application.

“We are proud of our city’s extensive trail system and by creating and publishing virtual trail maps we can help our active equestrian and outdoor communities better utilize our unique city-assets,” Ziad Mazboudi, Senior Civil Engineer, Environmental Design Manager for the City of San Juan Capistrano said. “CommunityView™ made it easy to web-enable our trails and we’re pleased that the City and Digital Map Products are receiving the recognition they deserve for their innovative products.”

Feedback from residents has been extremely positive. Some of the highlights of the Virtual Trail Maps include:

  • Enhances residents’ ability to access community information, whenever they like from the City’s website
  • Combines consumer-friendly technology like Google’s YouTube and Microsoft’s Bing Maps with advanced GIS technology
  • Saves significant City staff time and improves resident service levels

Digital Map Products’ CommunityView™ application is the key technology behind Virtual Trail Maps. CommunityView™ allows cities to easily publish information through an online map-based interface and can be incorporated into existing city websites. With CommunityView™, residents can find information like street sweeping schedules, parcel data, neighborhood boundaries, school districts, and more without city staff assistance. The City of San Juan Capistrano was already using CommunityView™ and the Virtual Trail Maps now add to the information the city already offered its residents.

Digital Map Products CEO, Jim Skurzynski, said the Virtual Trail Maps are representative of how user-friendly spatial technology is transforming the way information is accessed and used. “As a company, we are dedicated to making spatial technology easy to use and implement for business and consumer applications. It’s exciting to see the City of San Juan Capistrano embrace this technology to highlight their unique community assets and communicate in new ways with their residents.”

Skurzynski says his company receives frequent requests from cities to help them make their information available 24/7 through a convenient online map interface. He says spatial technology has matured to the point that it is now both essential and affordable for any size city.


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