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Digital Map Products Announces ParcelStream Update and Expansion Plans

September 15, 2010
By: Richard Lin

Irvine, CA – September 15, 2010 – Digital Map Products (DMP), a leading provider of cloud-based spatial technology solutions, today announced an extensive update of the parcel boundary data available through ParcelStream™ and the company’s commitment to expanding its parcel boundary data coverage. Further, Digital Map Products sees demand for parcel boundary data continuing to grow as more applications incorporate interactive mapping capabilities and require the most accurate locations possible.

“Digital Map Products has been collecting and aggregating parcel data for more than a decade, “Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski said. “We’ve always seen the value in linking and displaying information at the parcel level. Now, demand for parcel data and the ability to integrate it with related data sets is exploding as the rest of the world realizes location technologies are not a fad, but a better means of visualizing and working with data.”

Digital Map Products Expanding Parcel Data Coverage

Digital Map Products has one of the largest collections of parcel boundary data in the United States with coverage of all cities with populations greater than 100,000. This parcel data is available through its ParcelStream™ web service which is used by software developers building their own web-based mapping applications. The company has aggregated more than 110 million parcels to date and will have 120 million parcels by the end of 2010.

Digital Map Products’ customers rely on the company to not only supply parcel data but to also keep it current. The company continually updates its’ parcel database and has recently updated nearly 40% of its parcels, including 43 million parcels across 422 counties. ParcelStream™ customers receive these data updates seamlessly on a real-time basis as they occur.

“We’re updating our data more frequently as we continue our parcel acquisition,” Skurzynski said. “We understand from our customers and the market that parcel boundaries are a key element of their mapping applications and we’re committed to having highly accurate and expansive US coverage to meet their needs.” Many of the top business-to-consumer real estate web portals in the United States use ParcelStream™ to efficiently integrate parcel boundaries in their applications.

Integrating Parcel Boundaries Enhances Mapping Applications

Digital Map Products’ ParcelStream™ web service is a nationwide parcel boundary solution that bundles access to parcel boundary data with mapping display technologies. With minimal code and effort, developers can display parcel lines, geocode addresses to parcel centroids, and connect related data to parcels. ParcelStream™ is a module of DMP’s spatial development platform, SpatialStream™.


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