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With over 6 billion server hits per month, SpatialStream® is a comprehensive suite of web services and APIs that provides location-related insights to over half of the U.S. population every day.

How SpatialStream is Different

SpatialStream allows you to stream SmartParcels® and our other map-ready content into your application or web portal in near real-time. You’ll always benefit from the latest data we have available, and don’t need to worry about normalizing, processing, or warehousing your own.


SpatialStream hooks into many popular mapping and way-finding applications, including Google Maps, Bing Maps, Leaflet, and Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

High Performance

Complex queries and chaining requests are handled by our servers, so there's no processing impact on client machines or your own infrastructure.

Data Chaining Architecture

With SpatialStream, you can gather data from multiple datasets at once using key or spatial relationships. One request can pull information from over 40 data sets at the same time.

How Can SpatialStream Help You?

DMP applies its knowledge and understanding to each industry to create unique solutions that drive positive outcomes.
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Location-Aware Technology

Build and maintain robust, location-aware applications and web portals with SpatialStream.

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Online Real Estate

Provide your users with additional context for prospective houses and neighborhoods with SpatialStream.

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State & Federal Government

Stream our current, normalized data into your existing ArcGIS environment with the help of SpatialStream.

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Oil & Gas

Enhance your upstream, midstream, and downstream operations with SpatialStream, our web service.

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For Developers

For technical information, API documentation, code examples, and more, please visit our SpatialStream developer portal.

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