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SmartParcels® is our nationwide parcel database that powerfully combines parcel boundaries with 300+ property and tax attributes to help you make more confident decisions.

How SmartParcels is Different

SmartParcels and our other map-ready content power our map-based real estate applications, LandVision™ and GovClarity®, as well as 3rd party applications via SpatialStream®.


SmartParcels covers 3,067 U.S. counties including over 146 million parcels with polygon geometry and is completely normalized so you can use it as soon as you’re ready.


SmartParcels is scalable, meaning that you can take a few attributes, all 300, or somewhere in between. When you’re ready to add more, so are we.


When paired with SpatialStream®, you can stream SmartParcels into your app or environment in real-time so you're always benefiting from the latest information available.

Who Does SmartParcels Help?

Over 1,200 businesses and government entities leverage our parcel data. Here are a few of the industries that commonly rely on SmartParcels in their everyday operations.
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Some of the largest utilities in North America rely on our parcel data to plan, manage, and maintain their service.

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Online Real Estate

Four of the top online real estate companies use SmartParcels to deliver industry-leading customer experiences.

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State & Federal Government

200 government entities, including over 15 departments at the State of California, use our parcel data to inform policy decisions.

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Additional Industries

Don't see your industry? Browse our industry-specific SmartParcels solutions to find the right one for your business.

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Helpful Resources

Browse through our resource library to read helpful guides, checklists, success stories and more - created specifically for industries like yours.

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