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Map Ready Data

The SpatialStream platform offers easy means to develop robust spatial applications and direct access to premium real estate datasets.

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Map-Ready Spatial Data And Geodemographic Data

SpatialStream® is a spatial technology platform. It offers an easy way to develop robust spatial applications on top of common mapping platforms. SpatialStream is designed to offer access to sophisticated, yet easy-to-use location technology and real estate data sets to facilitate the rapid development of embedded GIS and consumer mapping applications. The collection of APIs and web services that comprise the SpatialStream platform make it an easy, cost-effective way to build out mapping applications without needing to be a GIS expert.

Data is a key component to support any location-based application. But acquiring good data and then implementing and maintaining it is easier said than done. SpatialStream offers a content library of map ready data. We handle all of the spatial data acquisition, integration, updates and maintenance. We provide you with direct access to premium spatial data including parcel, neighborhood, municipal boundaries, and geodemographic data. We also offer Canada address data and Mexico business datasets.

SpatialStream provides you not only with access to this data but also with the technical functionality required to display and interact with it. You can display data in your application, and you can also leverage it for searches, trend mapping, and linking to other datasets.

Read about the SpatialStream spatial data as well as geodemographic data by clicking the links below. You will be taken to the home of our spatial technology platform where you can read more detailed information about SpatialStream.

United States Data Coverage

SpatialStream-ParcelStream.119x79Nationwide Parcel Boundaries

ParcelStream is a nationwide parcel boundary solution that bundles access to over 135+ Million nationwide parcel boundaries with mapping display technologies. Display parcel boundaries in 7 lines of code! Parcel Data

SpatialStream-NeighborhoodBoundaries.120.80Neighborhood Boundary Data

Access nationwide neighborhood boundary data from industry leader, Maponics. SpatialStream web services let you display neighborhoods and construct spatial queries, create local trend maps, and aggregate your data to the neighborhood level. Neighborhood Boundaries

SpatialStream-PostalCodeNationwide Administrative Data

Add postal code, city, county, and state boundary layers to your mapping application with ease with SpatialStream Administrative Boundaries. Optimized for rapid display, municipal boundaries can be used for map-based interactivity, summarizing data, and creating thematic maps. Administrative Boundaries

SpatialStream-CensusBoundariesIdentify.121x80Nationwide Census Data

Census tract, block group, and block data are ideal for spatially enabling and analyzing geodemographic data. SpatialStream makes it easy to tie demographic or custom spatial data to census boundaries and create meaningful map displays. Census Boundary

SpatialStream-ParcelGeocodes.272x167Parcel Level Geocoding Solution

The parcel is the ultimate source of a property’s location and its physical characteristics. As such parcel-level geocoding is fast becoming the standard for location accuracy across a wide variety of industries. Ensure your location applications have the most accurate location possible with SpatialStream parcel-level geocoding solutions. Parcel Level Geocoding

SpatialStream-flood2Flood Data Solutions

Given flooding is the #1 natural disaster we face today, it is important to consider flood risk in property decisions. Flood data is a foundation dataset for property analytics and spatial modeling. Easily integrate SpatialStream flood data into your interactive map application or GIS system in mere minutes. Or, take advantage of DMP’s flood service providing affected property query results at the parcel level. Flood Data

SpatialStream-POIPoints of Interest Data Solution

Points of Interest (POI) data is a critical component to completing the location picture. SpatialStream POI data provides you with access to nationwide spatial data to help take your mapping application to the next level of local knowledge. Points of Interest

SpatialStream-School1School Data Solution

Having access to accurate and detailed school data such as school districts, attendance zones, school locations, demographics, and more is highly demanded for today’s location decisions and property related mapping. Incorporate this valuable dataset with SpatialStream. School Data

SpatialStream-demogsmallGeodemographic Data Solution

Geodemographic data lends significant insights into lifestyle factors and business viability of an area and is a must-have data set for any mapping application or location-based analysis. Whether included in a report, displayed on a map, or used as search criteria, geodemographics form the foundation for local information.  Demographic data

Canada Data Coverage

Canada Address DataCanada Address Data

Top financial, insurance, telco companies and government agencies are leveraging CanMap® data solutions to gain a competitive edge, mitigate risk and improve operational efficiency. This dataset includes over 1,600 municipal files updated every quarter and over 14.9 million Canadian addresses. Over 97% of postal code file is delivered with high-precision (roof-top) precision with an average of 1,000 new postal codes added every quarter.  Canada address data

Mexico Data Coverage

Mexico Business DataMexico Business Data

This dataset includes the largest and most comprehensive location-enabled source for information about businesses in Mexico. Leverage over 1.5M records about Mexico businesses with unparalleled accuracy and completeness. In fact, we location enable our Mexico business data by collecting the actual latitude/longitude along with the street address, which makes it ready for integration into your location-based analysis and Internet applications. Mexico business data



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