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Geospatial technology platform with a comprehensive set of location technology and data via APIs that enable developers to build their own robust and intuitive mapping software applications.

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SpatialStream: Web Services & APIs

Through SpatialStream®, Digital Map Products provides businesses and government agencies with robust location data and web services, providing instant map maturity for customer applications.

With SpatialStream, we deliver comprehensive, datasets to our own applications, LandVision™ and GovClarity®, as well as to 3rd party applications. Using our web services, businesses and government agencies are able to quickly spatially-enable their applications with minimal cost and resources.

Organizations of all types and sizes can quickly enhance their internal business-facing and/or customer-facing applications while still putting their focus on their core businesses and operations.

(NEW!) SpatialStream for ArcGIS

With SpatialStream, we now offer bi-directional integration with the Esri ArcGIS suite, so keeping data current is simple. ArcGIS users are able to stream our nationwide parcel database, SmartParcels®, into a GIS platform in real-time, negating the need for costly database updates or data warehousing.

SmartParcels includes more than 142 million parcel boundaries, covering 98 percent of the U.S. population. Updated daily, SmartParcels is pre-linked to more than 300 attributes, including property data and tax information.

Solutions for ArcGIS are offered using the following methodologies:

  • Integrated ArcGIS Feature Layers – Stream ArcGIS feature layers into our easy-to-use LandVision and GovClarity applications to mimic existing workflows.
  • SpatialStream for ArcGIS (WMS/WFS) – Stream SmartParcels into ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, as well as other applications with rapid implementation.
  • SpatialStream for ArcGIS Pro (Plugin) – Stream SmartParcels into ArcGIS Pro through our plugin and enjoy enhanced spatial querying of parcel geometries and attributes.
  • SpatialStream for ArcGIS Apps (API) – Stream SmartParcels into web applications developed using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and benefit from lightning fast (UTF Grid) speed and functionality.

Whether working to improve an internal tool – to boost productivity and efficiency for staff – or enhancing a customer-facing application to attract or retain customers, developers can take advantage of the latest in location technology and data.

Visit our dedicated SpatialStream Microsite to learn more about how our location intelligence platform can help you develop and maintain robust and intuitive spatial applications.


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