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Geospatial technology platform with a comprehensive set of location technology and data via APIs that enable developers to build their own robust and intuitive mapping software applications.

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Geospatial Technology Platform: Location Data & Mapping Application

Our SpatialStream® platform is truly advanced spatial technology made easy. SpatialStream is an innovative cloud-based location geospatial technology platform that provides access to a comprehensive set of spatial technology and robust location data APIs to help developers build better mapping applications.

Our innovative and easy-to-use geospatial technology platform and map ready datasets enable developers to leverage web services, By doing so, they can develop robust mapping applications while expending minimal time, costs or resources. Organizations of all types and sizes can quickly enhance their internal business facing and/or customer facing map-based programs while still putting their focus on their core businesses and operations.

With SpatialStream, you can:

  • Empower the development of robust and intuitive mapping applications including internal business systems and consumer-facing real estate search and information display offerings
  • Access the latest in location technology and accurate parcel & property data
  • Implement a sophisticated yet easy-to-use way to spatially enable applications—maintaining focus on the end user experience and most importantly on your core business
  • Leverage cloud computing to take advantage of time and cost savings on development, infrastructure, and maintenance, best-in-class reliability and rapid time to market

Whether working to improve an internal tool to boost productivity and efficiency for staff or enhancing a ccustomer-facing application to attract or retain customers, developers can take advantage of the latest in location technology and data.

Visit our dedicated SpatialStream Microsite to learn more about the spatial features available to help you develop and maintain robust and intuitive spatial applications.

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