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Complete, accurate, current natural hazard risk data for risk modelers, forecasters, and underwriters.

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Natural Hazard Risk Data: Complete, Accurate & Current

SmartHazards provides expertly modeled data. With complete, accurate, current natural hazard risk data for risk modelers, forecasters, and underwriters.

Understanding how to interpret risk and choosing the best actions based on these understandings is vital to any strategy for hazard disaster risk reduction. With Digital Map Products’ SmartHazards deployed in your GIS platform, you can view individual or multiple hazard risk layers in relationship to specific locations such as property, asset, customer, or area.

SmartHazards data is updated as it is available and incorporated into the model to leverage the most comprehensive variables available and therefore the risk forecast is based on the most current and deepest set of available variables to model the risk(s) in a geographic area. The result is comprehensive nationwide hazard data coverage that is current, precise, and usable.


Expert Hazard Data Modeling

SmartHazards leverages the most highly regarded risk institutions, including the USGS, NOAA, HURDAT, FEMA, and others, for their specialized expertise and then models their data to establish the potential of hazard severities.

The hazard risk modeling, crafted by experienced PHDs, scientists, and career hazard risk experts, incorporates many years of data from atmospheric, wind, precipitation and land-soil variables to forecast the probability of occurrence for a specific risk.

Natural Hazard Risk Data

Fire Risks Include:

  • Wildfire
  • Fire Protection




Water Risks Include:

  • Flood
  • Coastal Storm Surge
  • Hurricane
  • Tsunami



Severe Storm Risks Include:

  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Tornado
  • Lightning



Earth Risks Include:

  • Brownfield/Superfund
  • Earthquake
  • Fracking
  • Florida Sinkholes



Business Solutions

Risk Exposure: Determine property level hazard risks

Portfolio Risk: Rank hazard risks for your portfolio of properties

Business Forecasting: Perform your own business service forecasting around known hazard risks

The advantage of visualizing the conditions of any and all potential threats within your spatial mapping applications can help you better determine risk levels and make more informed decisions regarding exposure.