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SmartParcels Property Attributes

Nationwide precise parcel boundary data linked with detailed property characteristics.

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SmartParcels Parcel Data Linked with Property Attributes

Our SmartParcels property attributes datasets offers unparalleled insight into real estate. As a leading parcel data provider, we offer coverage for 151+ million properties covering over 99% of the U.S. population, of which 140+ million are actual parcel boundaries, across 2800+ counties. SmartParcels parcel data linked with detailed property characteristics is of significant value for real estate, government, energy, utilities, oil & gas, engineering, transportation, telecom, insurance and other sectors.

Access to SmartParcels precise property locations that are matched with in-depth physical, financial, and market information provides an easy way to meaningfully enhance location analysis and decision-making.

With SmartParcels parcel data linked with property attributes, you can:

  • Benefit from Digital Map Products’ data sourcing, aggregating and advanced processing and matching algorithms that drive unparalleled match rates between comprehensive parcel and property information
  • Incorporate precise nationwide parcel boundaries joined with property characteristics into your internal systems or public facing applications
  • Bring deep insights into your organization with property details including ownership, land use, building characteristics, site details, legal description, tax, valuation, and transaction history to fuel refined property planning and engagement strategies across all properties you target or service
  • Ensure internal and customer users access the most current property information available as property record currency is further enhanced with continually updated sales transaction data that sources from county recorder offices

Digital Map Products’ SmartParcels parcel attributes data is sourced primarily from assessor tax rolls and deed updates from county recorder offices with advanced address verification and normalization techniques. SmartParcels linked with property attributes are available via ParcelStream web service delivery providing optimal performance and user interactivity or via on-site delivery for deployment on your premises and behind your firewall. Nationwide coverage, regular updates and standard formats make it easy to integrate our SmartParcels parcel data linked with property attributes into your land management, real estate, and location-based applications.


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