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Parcel Geocodes

Smartparcels parcel geocodes provide ultraprecise parcel centroid coordinates for easy integration into your systems and projects.

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Parcel-Level Geocodes

Parcel Geocodes SmartParcels parcel and property data offerings includes parcel-level geocodes, also known as parcel centroids, derived from our standardized nationwide datasets which we link together from thousands of local government offices on an ongoing basis. With SmartParcels parcel geocodes, you have ultraprecise location accuracy with app- and project-ready latitude and longitude coordinates which can be easily integrated in circumstances where full parcel boundary polygons are not required or desired. While our parcel boundaries and centroids cover 94% of U.S. parcels, we also utilize our advanced proprietary algorithms for property geocodes in order to provide comprehensive coverage for virtually all properties in the United States.

SmartParcels parcel boundaries and centroids are available for over 140 million parcels across 2800+ counties, and we continue to expand coverage and add new parcels and properties. In addition to parcel-level geocodes, SmartParcels offers other available data elements including:


Download Sample Parcel Data
Our best-in-class nationwide parcel data is available for trial with two sample county data sets. Download our sample parcel data sets and experience the ultimate in location precision.

Visit SmartParcels, for more information on our parcel and property data solutions.

White PaperMaking the Most of Parcel Data

Parcel boundaries make your location research faster, easier, and far more thorough. Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski talks about how parcel boundaries improve decision-making and explains the complexities of this data set.

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Download sample parcel dataDownload Now: Free Sample Parcel Data

Digital Map Products’ parcel data provides nationwide accurate parcel boundary and surface ownership data. With coverage across 140+ million parcels nationwide, we continually update and expand our data coverage. Our parcel data is available for free trial with two sample county data sets.

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