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LandVision Insurance

LandVision Insurance for Property and Casualty underwriting delivers Risk Exposure Determination Reports across more than 14 hazards (SmartHazards) sourced from USGS, NOAA, HURDATA, and FEMA

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LandVision Insurance

LandVision Insurance rapidly produces a Risk Exposure Determination (RED) report supporting accurate and objective underwriting decisions, additional investigations or risk mitigation recommendations. With a subscription to our cloud-based application, you can instantly refine the property location, interactively study hazard zones, incorporate rating territories and portfolios, and identify target client opportunities.

Risk Exposure Determination (RED) reports covers across more than 14 hazards:

LandVision Insurance provides accurate natural hazard risk impact assessment
Quickly assess underwriting and portfolio risk with location technology and data

LandVision Insurance provides accurate natural hazard risk impact assessment

  • SaaS application enables immediate deployment and departmental scaling
  • Risk Exposure Determination (RED) reports score property risk against more than 14 hazards
  • RED report assessment includes a full property detail report
  • Subject property resolution ensures that the application property is properly located for assessment
  • Incorporate existing policy portfolios and rating territories for additional decision insights

LandVision Insurance is cloud-based so there is no software or hardware to install or maintain, and no maintenance hassles or hidden costs. You don’t need any technical background, and you can begin right away to start leveraging the power of location in your everyday business processes.

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LandVision is a comprehensive map-based real estate research, parcel analysis and collaboration application that enables users to quickly and easily make informed decisions about land, property, and real estate projects – all in one system. See LandVision in action today!

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