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LandVision Enterprise

This edition of LandVision is an enterprise level intuitive map-based parcel data and visual analysis application for right-of-way, infrastructure and design professionals across a variety of industries.

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LandVision Enterprise Edition

Make better decisions and improve productivity when planning and managing land assets and right-of-way projects with LandVision Enterprise Edition. Our innovative mapping solution allows utilities, engineering, oil, gas & pipeline, energy, government and other sectors to quickly research properties, analyze data, manage land assets, and share information with project teams and stakeholders. The bundled property data, aerial imagery and hazards combined with easy mapping features provide a single flexible, extensible, and easy-to-use solution for all your location-based data needs.

Watch our overview video to learn more about the advantages of LandVision Enterprise Edition:


With LandVision Enterprise Edition, you can:

  • View property information, such as parcel boundaries, property attributes, aerial imagery and hazards
  • Search parcels by map-drawn radius, buffer, custom boundary or selected area
  • Make maps that integrate labels, drawings, plan overlays and imported data
  • Create notifications quickly and accurately by identifying impacted properties and generating mailing labels
  • Share and collaborate with users across your organization

The advanced collaboration capabilities in LandVision Enterprise Edition enable the extension of critical GIS data to non-technical users across your organization so they can leverage the power of location intelligence. Conveniently capture changes made to your data on your Esri servers within LandVision Enterprise Edition with our Integrated Esri Feature Layers.

LandVision Enterprise Edition is cloud-based and highly flexible, enabling you to tailor the solution for your organizations unique business requirements and processes. Customize the data, interface, and features or use the system’s API to enable integration with your other systems and databases. There is no software to download, no maintenance hassles or hidden costs, and you can begin right away to start leveraging the power of location.

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LandVision is a comprehensive map-based real estate research, parcel analysis and collaboration application that enables users to quickly and easily make informed decisions about land, property, and real estate projects – all in one system. See LandVision in action today!

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