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A powerful map-based real estate research, analysis, and collaboration tool that enables users to find and qualify land and property opportunities and efficiently manage real estate related projects.

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Welcome to LandVision™

Real Estate Mapping Software, Online Mapping and Parcel Maps

Get the information you need quickly and easily to make informed business decisions with LandVision. It’s real estate mapping software offering online mapping and parcel maps. Each powerful LandVision application provides home builders and developers, commercial real estate professionals, right-of-way analysts, or asset location managers with comprehensive map-based property research, analysis, presentation and collaboration capabilities.

See below for a list of our industry specific LandVision editions and learn how we’ve designed the features for each industry’s distinct property discovery and evaluation needs. If you rely upon accurate and updated location information to succeed, you need to know about our real estate mapping software, LandVision.

LandVision Editions:

Builder Developer Parcel Maps and Online MappingLandVision Builder Developer Edition

LandVision Builder Developer Edition gives home builders, developers, and multi family firms a competitive edge in their markets. It’s used by all of the top 10 home builders in the United States. So use the power of location data and online mapping to discover, evaluate, develop and market profitable communities in order to stay ahead of the competition. Learn More »

Commercial Real Estate Mapping Software LandVision Commercial Real Estate Edition

LandVision Commercial Real Estate Edition is tailored to meet the needs of commercial real estate brokers, analysts, and researchers. It’s used by over 17,000 brokers in the United States including those in 4 of the top 5 brokerage firms. LandVision CRE provides deep insight into a market with robust search criteria, detailed property data, visual analysis, map exhibits and more, all designed to enable our customers to find more opportunities and win more deals. Learn More »

Real Estate Mapping Software, Parcel Maps, and Online MappingLandVision Enterprise Edition

LandVision Enterprise Edition is developed to meet the requirements of organizations that need thorough mapping and site analysis for compliance during right-of-way and asset location management. Evaluate your project area with advanced searching, parcel maps, visual and tabular analysis, landowner assessment, enterprise-wide collaboration and data sharing. Learn More »

LandVision Insurance EditionInsurance Mapping Software, Parcel Maps, and Online Mapping

LandVision Insurance for Property and Casualty underwriting delivers Risk Exposure Determination Reports across more than 14 hazards (SmartHazards) sourced from USGS, NOAA, HURDATA, and FEMA. Learn More »

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LandVision editions are cloud-based and highly flexible, enabling customization and integration with other systems. There is no software to download, no maintenance hassles or hidden costs, and you can get started quickly to achieve immediate results.

Join over 350,000 users who’ve seen the power of real estate mapping software, parcel maps, and online mapping.

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LandVision is a comprehensive map-based real estate research, parcel analysis and collaboration application that enables users to quickly and easily make informed decisions about land, property, and real estate projects – all in one system. See LandVision in action today!

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