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GovClarity Vector

Intuitive data management and interactive mapping solution empowering mosquito and vector control agencies to streamline daily work processes.

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GovClarity Vector

GovClarity Vector edition is designed specifically for the needs of vector control agencies dedicated to protecting public health by controlling area populations of mosquitos, rats and other pests. GovClarity Vector provides mosquito and vector control agency staff with easy-to-use essential data management and interactive mapping tools to improve productivity, streamline workforce management and make informed decisions. With powerful cloud-based desktop and mobile applications, GovClarity Vector allows agency staff and technicians to improve day-to-day efficiency and collaboration both inside the office and out in the field. With this field force management and data collection solution, agencies are empowered to streamline service and treatment, enhancing public health and quality of life in their communities.

GovClarity Vector edition

With GovClarity Vector edition, you can transform your agency’s productivity:

  • Customize a tailored solution according to your agency’s specific source and site management needs
  • Access and capture data in the field with geotag, real-time sync, and offline mobile device capabilities
  • Track and view treatment history, with a map view of upcoming activities
  • Report on treatment and chemical usage
  • Utilize Lab Module and Inventory Management capabilities
  • Access includes aggregated nationwide parcel and property information


Comprehensive Solution Powering Mosquito and Vector Agency Productivity

streamlineworkflows.201x124Easily Implement, Use and Maintain
GovClarity Vector is a cloud-based, fully hosted solution enabling immediate implementation without server, setup nor ongoing maintenance resources required. Non-technical mosquito and vector control agency professionals can use the product for their everyday tasks to achieve their objectives using an intuitive interface and smart workflows.

GovClarity VectorStreamline Vector Suppression Initiatives with Integrated Engagement
GovClarity Vector is a multi-platform solution developed specifically for mosquito and vector control agencies to manage their entire workflow from initial service request to treatment, through public health awareness education. Technicians in the field can utilize the product’s mobile capabilities and act in collaboration with in-office staff.

GovClarity VectorEnhance Public Health & Quality of Life
By automating processes and streamlining daily tasks, agencies can use GovClarity Vector to increase productivity and stay ahead of mosquito and vector populations, even with minimal resources available. With easy access to historical data, vector control agencies can analyze information and proactively manage potential infestations to minimize disease outbreak and reduce mosquito and other pest nuisances for the public.

laptop-govclarityvectorSee a Demo: Experience GovClarity Vector Today

GovClarity Vector edition is an intuitive data management and interactive mapping solution empowering mosquito and vector control agencies to streamline daily work processes. Sign up for a demo today.

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