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When it comes to location technology and data mapping, Digital Map Products has a product that meets your needs. This includes real estate analysis applications, tools for building mapping software programs, a robust parcel viewer and detailed property records.


Map-Based Data Delivers Faster, Smarter Decisions

Parcel Viewer, Detailed Property Records, Data Mapping

Did you know?

Today, our geospatial mapping technology, applications, and content are used by 4 out of the 6 top real estate websites, 4 out of the top 5 commercial brokerage firms, all 10 of the top home builder brands, more than 200 hundred cities and counties, and 4 of the largest gas and electric utility companies in the United States.

These are enabled through an easy-to-use platform that includes features such as a parcel viewer, detailed property records, data mapping and more.

Our cloud-based location technology platform is specifically designed to serve the unique needs of a variety of business sectors including:

All of our products are cloud-based and highly flexible. There is never any software to download, maintenance hassles or hidden costs. Our clients can customize data mapping solutions for their needs and start achieving immediate results.

Ready to learn more about our detailed property records, data mapping or see a demo of our parcel viewer?

Contact us today or select a product from those listed below:

  • LandVision

    A powerful map-based real estate research, analysis, and collaboration tool that enables users to find and qualify land and property opportunities and efficiently manage real estate related projects.

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  • GovClarity

    GovClarity is a civic data integration and mapping platform that empowers local government agencies to unify their data, accelerate decision-making, and improve productivity and efficiency across departments.

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  • SmartHazards

    Complete, accurate, current natural hazard risk data for risk modelers, forecasters, and underwriters

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  • CommunityView

    Online mapping platform that allows municipalities to enhance citizen engagement and communication by publishing community information via online maps on public websites and mobile apps.

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  • Parcel Data

    Parcel and property data sets include nationwide parcel boundaries, geocodes and property attributes such as ownership, land use, and assessed value.

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  • SpatialStream

    Geospatial technology platform with a comprehensive set of location technology and data via APIs that enable developers to build their own robust and intuitive mapping software applications.

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