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Our Leadership Team

The leadership team at Digital Map Products has a deep appreciation for the value of helpful technology. The combined experience of this team supports the company's growth objectives, positive culture, and employee development.

The Leadership Team At Digital Map Products

Digital Map Products CEO Jim Skurzynski

Jim Skurzynski

President and CEO

As one of Digital Map Products’ founders, Jim has turned the company’s vision of simplifying spatial technology and bringing it to a wider audience into reality...

Digital Map Products CTO Geoff Wade

Geoff Wade

Chief Technology Officer

Geoff is responsible for the company’s overall technology development, product management, and engineering initiatives, generating spatial based SaaS technology...

Digital Map Products VP of Product Management Annie Schwab

Annie Schwab

Vice President of Product Management

Annie oversees the overall growth and direction of the company’s product management team. Her responsibilities include leading multiple teams...

Digital Map Products VP of Business Development Steve Stautzenbach

Steve Stautzenbach

Vice President of Business Development

Steve leads the business development function to help the sales teams target and drive bigger deals for the company...

Digital Map Products VP of Marketing Tim Tyrell-Smith

Tim Tyrell-Smith

Vice President of Marketing

Tim is Vice President of Marketing and is responsible for marketing, brand strategy and demand generation. He is a strategic marketing executive...

Digital Map Products VP of Sales Paul Franc

Paul Franc

Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Paul is responsible for achieving the company’s growth targets. This includes the development and execution ...

Digital Map Products VP of Engineering Milind Joshi

Milind Joshi

Vice President of Engineering

As Vice President of Engineering, Milind leads the software and data development efforts at Digital Map Products....

Digital Map Products Director of Data Development Steven Cheng

Steven Cheng

Director of Data Development

Steven oversees his team in developing and maintaining a large-scale spatial data warehouse fuelling the company’s location technology and content product offerings...

Digital Map Products Director of HR Diane Rettew

Diane Rettew

Director of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition

Diane is responsible for developing human resource strategies designed to attract, develop and retain superior employee talent...

Digital Map Products Director of Customer Success Dennis Fox

Dennis Fox

Director of Customer Success

Dennis leads the customer success and account management teams at Digital Map Products. He is responsible for customer success outcomes...

Digital Map Products Director of Product Management Robert Szyngiel

Robert Szyngiel

Director of Product Management

Robert provides strategy and guidance to the data and software teams at Digital Map Products to assemble innovative SaaS solutions...

Digital Map Products Director of Legal Operations Jennifer Franks

Jennifer Franks

Director of Legal Operations & Contract Management

Jennifer is responsible for overseeing all legal operations and contract management functions at the company. Prior to Digital Map Products...