Digital Map Products Partners with iFactor Consulting
iFactor Utility Customers Now Have Access to Parcel Boundary Data

Digital Map Products' popular parcel boundary web service, ParcelStream™, is now available to iFactor Consulting's utility customers. Parcel data is accessable through iFactor's Web Maps Connector product which simplifies integration of geospatial data and aerial imagery into existing GE Smallworld applications, so users can easily access parcel information and related data sets.

With ParcelStream™ integrated into Web Maps Connector, Smallworld users can easily add a parcel boundary layer and retrieve detailed parcel information, all from their existing applications. Users can select individual or multiple parcels and use the APN and FIPS fields to link to outside data sets. By accessing parcels through Web Maps Connector users no longer need to acquire, process, host and update such data internally, saving time and money. To use ParcelStream™ in Web Maps Connector simply request a license file from iFactor Consulting.

Digital Map Products National Parcel Boundary Data Solutions | Parcel Boundaries
Easily add a parcel boundary layer in
GE Smallworld

ParcelStream™ is a web service that delivers access to over 110 million nationwide parcel boundaries and parcel mapping display technologies. With only a few lines of code, developers can instantly display parcel lines, geocode addresses to parcel centroids, and connect related data to parcels to create an interactive mapping experience.

Digital Map Products is excited to partner with iFactor Consulting to bring ParcelStream™ to an even wider audience, allowing utility users to understand first-hand how parcel boundary data can help improve customer service, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements. Digital Map Products' partner program was designed to make it possible for companies to capitalize on location technologies without it being an all-consuming task.

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Digital Map Products also makes its parcel boundary data available for onsite delivery. Click here to learn more: Onsite Parcel Boundary Data Solutions



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