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State Government

State government agencies can leverage our online mapping and parcel data solutions to research properties, manage land assets, and make location-based decisions.

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State Government

State agencies and departments require location data and visual mapping capabilities to power location-based analysis, project management, execution and support. Digital Map Products provides state agencies the solutions they need to research, map, and analyze existing and potential projects.


LandVision Enterprise—Enables users to leverage cloud-based mapping and visual analysis tools bundled with nationwide aggregated parcel data and other GIS data sets to research properties, manage land assets, and make location-based decisions. Learn More »


Parcel DataSmartParcels—Enables users to access accurate parcel boundary, surface ownership, and property data including financial and structural location details for integration into their location technology or GIS systems. Learn More »


Digital Map Products has the answers state government agencies need; comprehensive parcel datasets and an intuitive mapping application with access to aerial imagery, property data, hazard data and more. We provide the location technology solutions needed to improve everyday productivity and drive more informed decisions.

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LandVision is a comprehensive map-based real estate research, parcel analysis and collaboration application that enables users to quickly and easily make informed decisions about land, property, and real estate projects – all in one system. See LandVision in action today!

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Download sample parcel dataDownload Now: Free Sample Parcel Data

Digital Map Products’ parcel data provides nationwide accurate parcel boundary and surface ownership data. With coverage across 140+ million parcels nationwide, we continually update and expand our data coverage. Our parcel data is available for free trial with two sample county data sets.

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