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Federal Government agencies can leverage our location data solutions to access and act upon critical parcel and property information to enhance decision-making and everyday efficiency.

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Federal Government

Precise and comprehensive location data, including parcel data and associated property attributes, are mission-critical to the Federal Government. Federal agencies, departments and organizations rely on this information to make financial or location-based decisions involving areas such as land, land assets, property, and infrastructure. Digital Map Products provides solutions to enable immediate access to location data, delivered in industry standard formats to complement individual organizations requirements and processes.


Parcel DataSmartParcels—Enables users to access accurate parcel boundary, surface ownership, and property data including financial and structural location details for integration into their location technology or GIS systems. Learn More »


LandVision Enterprise—Enables users to leverage cloud-based mapping and visual analysis tools bundled with nationwide aggregated parcel data and other GIS data sets in order to research properties, manage land assets, and make location based decisions. Learn More »


SpatialStreamSpatialStream—Enables users to build or enhance their own mapping applications by leveraging our web service APIs to provide location data and mapping functionality. Learn More »


Federal Government agencies, particularly those involved with the development of land, business activities, regulatory compliance, emergency response, law enforcement, logistical support, analysis of natural hazard risk, transportation needs, and even environmental issues can benefit from advanced location intelligence solutions. Digital Map Products provides essential aggregated nationwide parcel and property data sets needed for Federal government organizations to make mission-critical decisions and carry out everyday tasks.

Request sample parcel dataRequest Now:  SmartParcels Data Sample for Federal Agencies

Digital Map Products’ SmartParcels provides nationwide accurate parcel boundary and surface ownership data. With coverage across 138+ million parcels nationwide, we continually update and expand our data coverage. This data sample adheres to ISO standards and Federal metadata standards.

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Best Practice Article: A Guide for Federal Government Agencies Adopting a National Parcel Database

Learn how Federal Government agencies and departments can benefit from a national parcel database for initiatives relating to the analysis and management of land and property.

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