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Federal, state, and local government agencies; special districts; and associations leverage our solutions to unify and act upon their data and make the most of their resources, saving time and costs.

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Federal, State and Local government agencies rely on location intelligence solutions for information and capabilities to accomplish their objectives. Digital Map Products provides precise geospatial datasets, data integration capabilities and mapping applications to help government agencies power analysis and decision-making. Using cloud-based location data and technology solutions, professionals across all levels of government can make the most of their resources to deliver exceptional service and results.

Federal Government

Federal agencies need accurate and detailed location data, including parcel geometry and property details to power visual analytical decision-making, policy-making, and project planning that involve land, land assets, property or infrastructure. Digital Map Products provides comprehensive nationwide parcel and property datasets, available in industry standard formats, easily integrated into an agency’s existing systems and applications through web service APIs, or bundled within our cloud-based mapping application. Learn More »

State Government

State agencies are responsible for land-based project execution, management, and support. Digital Map Products provides these agencies with easy access to location information coupled with the tools they need to manage, find, and evaluate data, and ultimately power their decision making process. Learn More »

City and County Government

City and county governments require powerful and cost effective tools to unlock the value in their location data. Digital Map Products gives them the ability to access accurate property information and integrate their data for more efficient management, which enables enriched community engagement and ultimately better customer service. Learn More »

Special Districts

Special districts need easy access to robust property information to empower location-based decision making and analysis. Digital Map Products has the innovative tools special districts need to improve project management and productivity. Learn More »

Vector & Mosquito Control

Vector and mosquito control agencies can increase efficiency, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions with a complete field force management solution from Digital Map Products. By utilizing innovative mapping technology and accurate property data, agency staff will be empowered to better fulfill their mission to control pest populations. Learn More »


Sophisticated mapping technology and location data that is powerful yet easy to use is vital for all types of agencies within the government sector. Digital Map Products simplifies the process of implementing and using solutions to help users across the organization use valuable mapping tools and location data sets in order to boost productivity and enhance service.

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Best Practice Article: A Guide for Federal Government Agencies Adopting a National Parcel Database

Learn how Federal Government agencies and departments can benefit from a national parcel database for initiatives relating to the analysis and management of land and property.

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