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How LandVision Helps The Warmington Group Discover Profitable Real Estate Opportunities

October 19, 2018
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

The Warmington Group relies on LandVision for fast and accurate property information.

The Warmington Group was spending valuable time researching properties for development and looking for a way to streamline their prospecting process so that they could identify profitable real estate opportunities. In particular, they were in search of a location intelligence platform that could provide detailed parcel analysis. After evaluating potential solutions, the company ultimately chose LandVision because of the application’s capability to deliver fast, accurate property information with visual mapping capabilities.

The Warmington Group’s Vice President of Land Acquisition, Justin Brewer, recently spoke with us to explain how he leverages LandVision. As a daily user, he appreciates that LandVision is easy to use, with all the data he needs instantly accessible in one application.

warmington group profitable real estate

What Does The Warmington Group Do?

The Warmington Group is a full-service group of residential and commercial real estate companies located in ten markets throughout the western United States. The company offers expertise in residential home building, community development, acquisitions, and apartment and commercial property asset management.

Warmington Finds Profitable Real Estate Opportunities Using LandVision

LandVision helps The Warmington Group streamline property research, and the application’s powerful search capabilities help the company discover new development opportunities. LandVision allows The Warmington Group to source unentitled deals within specific zones, seeing complete ownership information, unit counts, entitlement deals, and much more. Brewer’s team simply inputs their search criteria in LandVision and then reviews results on a map for visual analysis.

Brewer uses LandVision every day to research and analyze potential opportunities, finding that the application helps his team close deals faster. With LandVision, The Warmington Group is able to easily aggregate data and has all the information they need when reaching out to owners to discuss property acquisition.

“We use the data and filter through it, making contact with owners directly from LandVision,” Brewer says. “We pull up opportunities we can bid on, and this has led to offers and responses from owners.”

Saving Time and Improving Efficiency

In addition to providing comprehensive property data, LandVision also offers tools to help streamline prospecting and acquisition. For example, when searching within their targeted zones, The Warmington Group can view a property owner’s full portfolio, opening the door to multiple acquisitions.

“LandVision saves us valuable time and energy researching ownership information,” Brewer explains. “One of the valuable features we have found is the ability to aggregate other properties an individual seller owns. With this, we are prepared to not only discuss a site in question, but other potential opportunities as well.”

Thank You to The Warmington Group!

Our thanks to Justin Brewer for taking the time to share how LandVision contributes to The Warmington Group’s success, and for choosing to use LandVision to meet objectives. “When we looked at other solutions, LandVision was the easiest tool we came across with all of the information we needed,” Brewer says.

How Can I Find Profitable Real Estate Opportunities?

Actionable data from LandVision translates to new opportunities. LandVision helps real estate professionals with map-based property research, analysis, presentation and collaboration capabilities. It provides unique market insights, with powerful search capabilities, detailed property data, visual analysis, map exhibits and much more.

Sign up here for a free LandVision demo. One of our knowledgeable customer service reps will show you how LandVision helps real estate companies leverage location intelligence to meet business objectives.

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