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How the DMP Platform Helps Vrede Commercial Conduct Site Selection Faster

July 24, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

Vrede Commercial uses LandVision™ to add efficiency to their research workflows and conduct site selection faster.

Ken Robberechts is the CCIM Illinois Chapter President. He is also the Founder and Managing Principal of Vrede Commercial, a Chicago-based commercial real estate firm that specializes in commercial site selection and brokerage services. He shares how our map-based real estate application, LandVision, helps him spend his time researching opportunities more efficiently. 

Chicago Skyline | How the DMP Platform Helps Vrede Commercial Conduct Site Selection Faster

More About Vrede Commercial

Vrede Commercial was founded “to service the commercial real estate needs of single-user national retail tenants as they look to expand into new markets,” according to the company’s website. This focus means that brokers at Vrede Commercial must be extremely knowledgeable in their local markets in order to help surface opportunities for clients that are new to the area. In addition, it is highly important that brokers are able to fully evaluate a client’s existing portfolio in order to understand how their holdings will influence their site selection process. Robberechts shares that LandVision helps him efficiently navigate both of these responsibilities and conduct site selection faster.

LandVision Places the Information You Need at Your Fingertips

Prior to using LandVision, Robberechts often had to collect property and location information from county GIS portals and other public sources. This approach was costing him valuable time both in terms of tracking down county data sources and pulling actionable insights from the data he was able to collect. LandVision helps Robberechts eliminate the time-consuming step of gathering data and allows him to begin conducting analysis and site selection faster.

“With LandVision, I can type in an address or area nationally and see where the parcels make sense and what I need to assemble. That saves me a significant amount of time and lets me vet a project out earlier in the process.”

Use LandVision to Identify Owners and Analyze Their Holdings

With one click in LandVision, Robberechts is able to evaluate the various entities behind a portfolio and the type of property owner he is working with. This helps reveal all of the potential opportunities that exist with a particular property owner, even if they are outside of his typical area of operations.

“LandVision gives me the ability to look at assemblage projects and see what property owners have in their portfolios,” Robberechts says. “Previously it would have been difficult to identify all of the different parcels associated with an owner, particularly if they’re not contiguous to each other.”

The Extensibility of LandVision Helps You Conduct Site Selection Faster

A benefit of working on the DMP location intelligence platform is its extensibility. After onboarding, Robberechts worked with the DMP Customer Success team to configure several of his own data layers in LandVision. On top of the ability to integrate his own data, Robberechts appreciates that DMP continues to add new data layers into LandVision for brokers to use in their analysis.

“LandVision continues to adapt as the market changes,” says Robberechts. “Whether it’s adding opportunity zones or other future considerations that may come online, DMP integrates new data to meet the needs of the commercial real estate broker.”

Learn More

Over 20,000 real estate professionals in North America trust the DMP location intelligence platform to help them find off-market opportunities, conduct site selection faster, and win more deals. Contact us today to learn more, or schedule a free LandVision demo to see our award-winning application in action!

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