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This Land Development Company Uses LandVision for Instant Access to Detailed Property Data

February 1, 2019
Land Development, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

To serve clients as effectively as possible, The Verrichia Company utilizes LandVision™ to streamline their property research workflow.

As a fully integrated land development company, The Verrichia Company undertakes all aspects of the development process. This includes reviewing market feasibility and saturation, conducting site identification and acquisition, performing due diligence, and more.

The Verrichia Company Conducts Property Research with LandVision

The company was searching for a faster way to find the property information they needed to inform land acquisition and development decisions. To address their needs, a joint venture partner recommended that they give LandVision a try.

Some Background on The Verrichia Company

The Verrichia Company develops, acquires, owns, and operates investment-grade freestanding retail projects in several US markets. The company mainly focuses on targeting new and redevelopment opportunities and developing underutilized commercial properties. They also acquire real estate for sustainable development which can be utilized by supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, and other third-party tenants.

Property Data in LandVision Informs Acquisition and Development Decisions

LandVision’s accurate, continually updated location data helps The Verrichia Company make confident, data-backed business decisions. Our map-based real estate application delivers detailed property data that enables the company to identify opportunities in several states.

“As commercial land developers, it is crucial to know all of the property details of particular parcels we are interested in acquiring and developing,” says Project Coordinator Ryane DePaul.

LandVision quickly delivers the information DePaul’s team requires, making it easy for key project stakeholders to share and collaborate on dynamic property data. This includes assessed value, property ownership information, transaction history, and more. Because this information is instantly available, The Verrichia Company can cut down on the time they would otherwise spend collecting data from disparate sources.

Property Research and Data Analysis for Real Estate

LandVision helps streamline The Verrichia Company’s property research and data analysis workflows. The company primarily uses LandVision to research property details, create property assemblage profiles, search demographics, create map exhibits, and to measure distances between locations. LandVision makes it easy to access and understand data because it can be layered onto a map for visual analysis.

“Having the ability to locate parcel details, such as owner information, acreage, and zoning, significantly reduces the turnaround time on market research,” says DePaul.

Thank You to The Verrichia Company!

Thank you to The Verrichia Company and to Project Coordinator Ryane DePaul for discussing how LandVision helps inform decisions on land acquisition and development! We will continue to deliver solutions to your team that help drive growth and efficiency.

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Built on the cloud-based DMP location intelligence platform, LandVision is trusted by many leading builders and land developers to streamline property data research and analysis. Schedule a demo to see LandVision in action, or contact us today to learn more! You can also read the full success story here.

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