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3 Ways the DMP Platform Facilitates Utility Asset Management

February 4, 2019
Energy, Utilities
By: Jason Holte

Will we see you at DistribuTECH? Stop by booth #11659 to learn how our platform helps facilitate utility asset management!

DistribuTECH is right around the corner and we are excited to be exhibiting! We look forward to showing you how we help energy & utility companies of all sizes plan, manage, and maintain their service — both inside and outside of the GIS department. Whether we’ll see you at the show or not, here are a few of the ways that our all-in-one location intelligence platform streamlines asset management.

Utility asset management

Asset Management with the DMP Location Intelligence Platform

1. Comprehensive Asset Mapping

To maximize profitability, utility companies must be prepared for fluctuations in demand. In growth years, utilities need to be able to quickly deploy new infrastructure, such as pipelines or transmission lines. In lean years, utilities need to have a plan that allows them to maximize efficiency. Both of these require a complete understanding of property characteristics and the population of a service territory.

Our location intelligence platform facilitates utility asset mapping. First, it improves the location accuracy and visualization of existing physical assets and real estate holdings. Utility companies can also confidently analyze the land needed for new infrastructure and property right-of-way projects using data like population density, demographics, property ownership, and transaction history. Visualizing their own data and assets alongside our map-ready content ensures that utility companies can assess their available resources and forecast changes in demand.

2. Proactive Risk Management

As recent events have also shown, the failure to anticipate and mitigate risks can have dire consequences on the environment and, in extreme cases, on utility companies themselves. When an emergency arises, every minute is critical and utilities must have the proper tools and procedures in place to enable a rapid response.

Using our location intelligence platform, electricity and gas providers can visualize wildfire-prone areas, flood zones, wetlands, seismic activity, and other natural hazards. This allows utilities to understand how natural hazards may impact their service and infrastructure. In the event of an emergency, utility companies can proactively contact impacted property owners to provide updates on their mitigation strategy. Combined, these capabilities form the basis for an effective risk mitigation strategy.

3. Improved Outage Response

Service interruptions are an unfortunate reality, and effectively addressing them is crucial to both customer satisfaction and overall company efficiency. It is imperative to have the proper procedures in place to conduct both routine and unplanned maintenance of infrastructure quickly and cost-effectively.

The DMP Location Intelligence Platform can help utility companies improve their outage response process so that they can reduce the number and duration of service interruptions. Using location intelligence to route technicians to service calls helps guarantee that the proper resources are directed to the right areas. When general maintenance is required in an area, utilities can also identify specific assets needing attention and draw a buffer allowing them to notify nearby residents that will be impacted.

Learn More

The DMP Location Intelligence Platform can help create a single source of truth for users both inside and outside of the GIS department. Our SpatialStream® web service delivers API access to location data and is capable of streaming SmartParcels®, our nationwide parcel database, into Esri ArcGIS® in real time. Our map-based real estate application, LandVision, is also powered by SpatialStream and integrates with ArcGIS so that other departments can easily access and work with the same data as the GIS team.

If you’ll be in New Orleans for Distributech, talk to the team at our booth to learn how the DMP Location Intelligence Platform helps energy and utility companies make more confident asset management decisions. Not going to the show? Contact us for more information, or download our solution sheet for the utility industry!

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