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Get a Deeper Understanding of Overlap Between Your Data Sets

May 22, 2018
Data Visualization, Product Update
By: Vivian Nguyen

Introducing a new, deeper search functionality in LandVision that will allow you to better understand the relationships between datasets, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Great news LandVision™ users – your data is going to the next level! We are introducing a new search function which will enable you to easily understand the relationship between your data sets, especially when they’re layered on top of one another. This often reveals unique insights leading to actionable results for your company or agency. If you are thinking about becoming a LandVision user, this is great news for you as well!

Here’s How This New Search Functionality Works With Different Data Sets


Data Sets for Retail Location Search

LandVision searches are no longer limited to searching within a single dataset. With this deeper search capability, you can search a dataset, and then conduct additional searches within your initial search to identify where the information intersects.

Searching multiple data sets in direct relation to one another means you can clearly understand, manipulate, and manage searches using the datasets you choose. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between datasets, as well as save time while gleaning these insights.

How Does This New Search Functionality Help?

LandVision’s new search capability allows you to search multiple data sets on the map, identify properties that meet specific criteria, and then add additional criteria from other datasets to further hone in on properties that might be even more attractive to buyers or clients.

Here’s an example: You’re a builder or developer that’s using LandVision and want to analyze a market for potential residential opportunities. Your analysis could include identifying properties within a certain school district or attendance zone and then adding a secondary search to highlight properties that are on a quiet road with less than a certain amount of annual average daily traffic.

Or perhaps you’re looking for re-development opportunities for properties with low improvement values. You can look at zoning information on a map to find land that’s been zoned for residential, even if the current land use is not residential. Being able to search for that specific criteria can reveal land that’s suitable for your intended use so that you can repurpose it.

Another example: A municipality that’s performing tree maintenance needs to notify the residents and owners of impacted properties. Now they are able to search for the trees that are being limbed and use that search to create a list of properties for notification.

Of course, the number of examples and use cases could go on and on. This deeper search capability is an efficient and effective way to research and discover unique insights. For builders, that could be the identification of more profitable build site opportunities. For states, it could be to understand the relationship between income and foreclosures.

Learn More About This New Search Capability

Overlay of Zoning and Parcel Data Sets


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