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How To Uncover A Property Owner Portfolio

April 13, 2017
Property Information
By: Vivian Nguyen

Knowing a property owner portfolio helps you feel just a little bit smarter. Have you ever wanted to uncover additional properties an investor or company owns?

Property Owner Portfolio
Figure 1: Visualizing a property owner portfolio on an aerial map

Information about a property owner portfolio helps you:

  • Prioritize your time around high-quality prospects/investors
  • Uncover the true owner of the property
  • Create a deeper connection with a property owner based on the locations and amenities surrounding their properties
  • Creatively discover additional opportunities with an owner you may have been unaware of
  • Produce competitive intelligence in land holdings of other companies/groups
  • Speed discussions by approaching owners who have multiple parcels
  • Help governments determine a “large parcel” owner within the 5th amendment

Regardless of your reason for using this search tool, note that at times the owner portfolio search may take you to a representative of the owner rather than the owner directly. Either way, you will now be one step closer to the owner with a deeper understanding of their holdings.

Here’s a video to show you how to view a property owner portfolio:

How The Video Was Created

LandVision sits on top of a powerful database which is continuously updated with property and parcel data. Thanks to this network of updates and data feed, we can process the property owners and addresses in a way that we uncover a property owner portfolio. In a simple click of a button, LandVision searches through the millions of property records and returns a property owner portfolio within seconds.

Going Deeper: Commercial Broker Perspective

Here are 4 reasons brokers use owner portfolio look up to get property information:

  1. Discover a property owner’s breadth of holdings
  2. Learn personal details about a property owner
  3. Reveal the true owner behind LLC
  4. Creatively create opportunities

If you’re a commercial real estate broker, you want to create deep connections with as many well-qualified property owners as you can. When beginning discussions with a new prospective client, LandVision allows you to gauge the size of a portfolio for a specific property owner. This search doesn’t just limit the search to your local market but covers the entire nation. In addition to knowing the breadth of a property owner’s portfolio, you may want to go in depth into a prospective client’s holdings. You can discover personal details about the owner based on the locations and proximity to Points of Interest of their property holdings. You could use these details to strike up a conversation and build rapport with a prospective client.

The Due Diligence Phase

During the due diligence phase, many brokers want to find a person associated with a holding entity such as an LLC. Using the Owner Portfolio look up, many times property owners have the tax bill addresses either sent to their home address or have certain properties in their personal name. In these cases, you can get around the LLC name and discover who the person is behind an LLC.

Later in the due diligence process, if your buyer decides to pass on one property you can run the Owner Portfolio search to discover what additional properties the same seller has in their portfolio. While one property may not meet your buyer’s criteria, others in the seller’s portfolio may in which case you could creatively create a deal.

Quick Summary

Whether you are trying to prioritize your time around quality investors, uncover a property owner, gain competitive intelligence or another reason you can quickly uncover a property owner’s portfolio using LandVision. We hope you have your own success story you can share about a connection you made or an opportunity that was created due to your use of commercial real estate tools like LandVision.

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