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5 Ways the State of California Uses the DMP Platform

October 10, 2019
By: Jason Holte

Over 15 agencies and departments in the State of California rely on our location technology and data in their everyday workflows.

Through our partnership with the California Department of Technology, agencies and departments are able to use our location intelligence platform to transform their workflows and develop more efficient processes. They also benefit from thorough training and onboarding to ensure quick and easy implementations. Let’s take a look at five ways that the State of California is leveraging our platform in its everyday operations.

Top 5 State of California Use Cases

California state capitol building | 5 Ways the State of California Uses the DMP Platform

Accessing Standardized Data Statewide

One of the biggest benefits that State of California agencies experience from utilizing the DMP platform is that they no longer need to request data from individual counties in order to collect the property information that they require. Additionally, because our nationwide parcel database SmartParcels is normalized, departments are able to easily work across geographies using consistent data. Will Patterson from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) explains:

“With 58 counties in California, it is very difficult to acquire property data from each county and manage it ourselves,” says Patterson. “Having DMP aggregate and normalize all of the information we need has been very impactful.”

Viewing Up-to-Date Aerial Imagery

Aerial imagery is essential to code enforcement efforts, particularly in remote areas that are difficult to access. Utilizing the Time View feature in our map-based real estate application, LandVision™, departments at the State of California can display the most up-to-date aerial views of a given location or even see how an area looked from above during a specific range in time. This allows them to easily spot code violations or flag any property features that may warrant additional inspection.

Developing Applications

SmartParcels is formatted to be compatible with both our map-based applications and third-party visualization tools. This enables developers to display parcel boundaries and provide property information within their own applications, which is exactly what the California Department of Conservation did with EQ Zapp. As GIS Coordinator Nathaniel Roth shares, using SmartParcels the department was “able to develop a basic notification tool that the public can use as an interactive app, allowing them to easily see whether parcels they are looking at touch an earthquake zone.”

Managing Right-of-Way Projects

State of California departments involved in route-planning and other similar workflows also use LandVision for right-of-way project management. LandVision gives these departments the ability to understand surface ownership, plan cost- and time-efficient routes, and proactively mitigate risks when conducting right-of-way projects. If maintenance is required along an existing route, departments can easily create a mailing list to notify residents who may be impacted by repairs.

Reviewing Property Data Onsite

CDFW employees also use the LandVision mobile application to access information while conducting analysis in the field. With the mobile app, departments can identify the owners of nearby properties and evaluate additional property characteristics simply by selecting a property on the map. Employees can also add notes, photos, videos, and voice memos to a property which will then be synced with their desktop application automatically. In the office and in the field, CDFW is able to access the property information it needs with the help of LandVision.

Learn More

These are just a few ways that California departments and agencies use the DMP platform to efficiently serve the state’s residents. Contact us today to learn more about our location technology and data solutions for state governments, and if you work for the state, ask us about our easy sign-up process for agencies within the State of California!

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