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How SVN Uses LandVision to Identify Property Owner Portfolios

January 15, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

SVN/Walt Arnold Commercial Brokerage, Inc found exactly what they needed, including property owner portfolios, when they discovered LandVision.

SVN/Walt Arnold Commercial Brokerage, Inc. is New Mexico’s leader in commercial real estate sales, leasing and property management. With more than 20 years in the industry, they combine national reach with specialized local expertise. The company’s skilled, professional brokers serve people for a range of commercial real estate needs, including finding new properties and property management. SVN uses LandVision to easily access property owner portfolios and complete property details to find the best potential development opportunities.

How SVN/Walt Arnold uses LandVision to find property owner portfolios

Instant Access to Accurate Property Data

Senior Advisor Tim Luten depends on LandVision for a complete overview of properties. He uses LandVision to review details including lot size, improvement size, transaction history, current property taxes, and other parcel-related data.

“LandVision saves us time and money,” Luten says. “It’s a very useful tool, and I use it every day, especially when looking into the ownership of properties and looking at property owner portfolios.”

Complete Property Owner Portfolios

Quick access to complete ownership details is important for SVN/Walt Arnold Commercial Brokerage. This information enables the company to identify potential development opportunities and meet business objectives. Luten’s team gets a detailed property ownership overview that illustrates possible land acquisitions within their target market.

“A big benefit is that we can track the complete holdings of an individual and can see what other properties they own,” Luten explains. “Being able to see everything together shows me what owners might be willing to do with their portfolio.”

The ownership details available in LandVision help Luten quickly access the information he needs to get a full picture of an owner’s land holdings. LandVision offers unique insights, and this includes information that can be difficult to access or may not be available through public records.

Thank You SVN/Walt Arnold Commercial Brokerage, Inc!

Thank you to Tim Luten and the team at SVN/Walt Arnold Commercial Brokerage! We are happy to know that the DMP platform plays an important role in delivering on your company’s business objectives.

How Can LandVision Help You?

Commercial real estate brokerages use LandVision for instant access to property data to quickly find and analyze new business opportunities. All of the information brokers need to conduct detailed property analysis is housed within a single application. This streamlines the information-gathering process and allows for fast, effective decision making. With instant access to LandVision data when and where you need it, you’ve got the information you need to research leads and discover profitable opportunities.

Request a demo today to see how LandVision can help you find new opportunities in your market.

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