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Streaming Feature Layers: Accelerating You to Actionable Insights

May 2, 2017
Data Visualization
By: Vivian Nguyen

Optimizing how data performs for our clients is a relentless focus of the DMP team.

This focus spans multiple dimensions as we strive to deliver outcomes such as discoverability, understandability, facilitated decision making, speed-to-decision, and unique insights. And, these efforts often have us on the leading edge of geospatial technologies. This trend continues in early 2017 with our introduction of Streaming Feature Layers (SFL), DMP’s iteration of modern vector tiling technologies.

Using Streaming Feature Layers

Streaming Feature Layers are implemented for data sets such as parcels and boundaries that we deliver to clients via our applications and platforms.  The performance advantage of intelligent vector data over raster data delivers to users more power to conduct researches, assess the impact of a project and ensure compliance to aid in the decision-making process. Users will experience the benefits in our LandVision and GovClarity applications as they zoom, pan, and navigate to specific properties or locations. To learn more about our new Streaming Feature Layers, watch the video below.

Check out our Streaming Feature Layers In the LandVision 2017 Release

Value to DMP Partners

DMP partners can also deliver these blazing performance characteristics to their clients as Streaming Feature Layers technology is available as a published API at They are easily incorporated into an application as a layer. Our partners gain not just data to power their applications, but also get “application-ready” data enabling them to deliver world-class performance characteristics to their end-users. A benefit that otherwise would take months or years of optimization efforts to achieve.

More Added Value

New Streaming Feature Layers bring near instantaneous parcel boundary load times, smoother panning and zooming of the map. All of which makes you faster to your targeted location and more certain that you are accessing your specific required information.

We hope you enjoy. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Author Bio

Steve Stautzenbach, digital map products, vp product

Steve Stautzenbach is the Vice President of Product Management at Digital Map Products. He is passionate about empowering customers with solutions for land and property decision making. Connect with Steve on LinkedIn!


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