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The Energy Company Powering Southern California Uses LandVision for their Property Data Needs

April 27, 2018
Energy, Success Story, Utilities
By: Vivian Nguyen

Check out SCE’s story below to learn why Southern California’s largest energy supplier relies on LandVision as their location intelligence and spatial data provider.

As Southern California’s primary energy supplier, Southern California Edison (SCE) has to track and manage massive amounts of property data, and must regularly communicate information to key stakeholders and customers. This is a substantial undertaking, considering that the company provides electricity to about 14 million people over 50,000 square miles.

SCE initially started using LandVision in 2008 to help effectively integrate property data workflows. Over the years the company has found that LandVision is a reliable source of spatial data, delivering powerful location intelligence to bring value to a range of SCE business activities.

Rooftop solar panels | A Reliable Source of Spatial Data for Southern California Edison

Spatial Data Provides Location Intelligence for Energy Companies

We spoke with SCE’s GIS Analyst H. Steve Eimer, who uses LandVision within the geospatial analysis group for acquisitions, Right of Way, and government lands and title. Steve and his team use LandVision daily, relying on it as their Single Source of Truth (SSOT) location intelligence platform.

When SCE first started looking around for location intelligence tools, they had just been handed one of the biggest projects in the company’s history. This project required SCE to gather, aggregate and analyze massive amounts of property data; however, the problem was that there was too much data floating around. This made it difficult to assess accuracy, usability, and to streamline complex workflows between project stakeholders.

Steve says that SCE’s GIS team started looking for a solution to address their enormous property data requirements, and ultimately decided on LandVision. They needed one source to effectively access and manage property data and to conduct spatial analysis.

“LandVision has been our single source of truth (SSOT) since 2008. Other solicitors reached out, but they couldn’t compete with LandVision. We chose LandVision to narrow it down. It’s been adding value and has been our SSOT since then.”

SCE has been using LandVision for more than 10 years, and Steve’s team finds that LandVision’s spatial analysis tools offer value to various business operations. LandVision streamlines access to spatial data, and SCE depends on the fact that property data in LandVision is updated continuously. Additionally, it has helped to improve workflows requiring property information. According to Steve: “Verifying ownership and property boundaries is key for the problems we are solving. For example, LandVision allows us to quickly identify and then send mailing lists to landowners where we will be doing work. We can also easily export shapefiles and bring them into projects for base mapping.”

Focusing on Customer Success

Steve tells us that finding a location intelligence platform committed to customer success was another important factor in SCE choosing LandVision as their SSOT. Digital Map Products has a customer-centric approach and has worked closely with SCE’s GIS team over the years.

According to Steve, Digital Map Products’ customer support ensures the platform continues to align with SCE’s needs. “We’ve made specific requests and they always work with us to make extracts available and data usable for GIS format. We’ve always been able to extract parcels, create buffers, import data, and extract shapefiles into our mapping and analysis.”

Ultimately, Digital Map Products’ ability to work with Steve’s team plays an important role in helping SCE achieve their business objectives.

“LandVision’s flexibility allows the technology to work for our needs, making it a solid solution for us. Digital Map Products’ willingness to work with us and address our needs has made a big difference for us as a company and the work we do.”

Thank you Southern California Edison!

From our side of things, we certainly appreciate working with Steve and his team. It’s great to know that LandVision plays such an important role in effectively delivering key data to the company that provides for Southern California’s energy needs. Thanks to Southern California Edison for being great clients!

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