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Site Analysis: The Time is Right for Seattle Hockey

January 18, 2019
Land Development
By: Jason Holte

We’re using LandVision to conduct site analysis on the home of the National Hockey League’s soon-to-be 32nd franchise.

The NHL All-Star Game is a week away. But for many hockey fans (including this Golden Knights enthusiast), the most exciting hockey news of the last month is the league’s announcement that Seattle will receive an NHL expansion team in 2021. Hockey made a much-anticipated and highly successful debut in Las Vegas in 2017, and expectations are high for an NHL team in a city with such a rich hockey history.

Seattle hockey site analysis: arena overview

Unlike the Vegas Golden Knights, no new arena is being built for the team in Seattle; rather, the iconic Key Arena will undergo renovations that will allow for a 17,400-seat hockey configuration. Like we did with the Raiders’ new stadium in Las Vegas, let’s take a look at what we can learn about the Seattle hockey arena and the property on which it is located using our map-based real estate application, LandVision to conduct site analysis.

Key Arena: The New Home of Seattle Hockey

The Arena

Seattle hockey site analysis: point of interest search

Key Arena, the former home of the Seattle Supersonics, is located at 305 Harrison St. in Seattle. First built in 1962, the building itself is 129,000 square feet in size and an estimated 800 people work onsite. Key Arena’s 40 current tenants, including the 2018 WNBA champion Seattle Storm, all operate within the performing arts, spectator sports, and related industries service category. Seattle Arena Company signed a 39-year lease this past September to run Key Arena, and the Oak View Group will redevelop the arena.

The Site

Seattle hockey site analysis: Seattle Center aggregate acreage

The Seattle hockey arena is located in Seattle Center, a collection of 15 adjacent properties spanning 49.2 acres. The parcel containing Key Arena occupies just under 11 acres intended for recreational land use, and the last market sale of this parcel took place in December 1991.

Seattle hockey site analysis: Key Arena property

Within LandVision, you can review details such as the assessed value of the property, reflective of both the land itself and the value of its improvements. Additionally, you will find the property owner, relevant legal information, subdivision, and much more!

How LandVision Streamlines Site Analysis

Using LandVision, you can search for parcels based on the criteria that matter most to you, including land use, zoning, acreage, and more. The application makes it easy to contextualize properties with the help of demographics, nearby points of interest, traffic data, school information, and hazard overlays. Builders and land developers can also use LandVision to identify assemblages of land and competitive builder sites located near a prospective property. With the LandVision mobile app, it is also possible to capture notes, photos, and videos in the field that will automatically sync the next time you log in on your desktop!

LandVision, a turnkey map-based real estate application, is part of the DMP location intelligence platform. To learn more about how the DMP location intelligence platform helps over 1,200 businesses and government entities make more confident decisions, contact us or schedule a demo today!

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