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4 Reasons the DMP Platform is ‘the Whole Package’ for School Site Selection

September 18, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Success Story
By: Jason Holte

InSite Educational Facility Services uses LandVision to help its clients navigate school site selection.

Texas-based InSite Educational Facility Services is a commercial real estate brokerage and advisory firm specializing in serving educational and non-profit entities across the country. Finding that the use of multiple property data sources was time-consuming and inefficient, the company sought out a single source of accurate property and market data. President Benson Sainsbury shares how our map-based real estate application, LandVision™, has helped the company find school site selection opportunities that meet the requirements of its clients.

Photo of a school under construction | 4 Reasons the DMP Platform is ‘the Whole Package’ for School Site Selection

Find The Exact Properties Your Clients Need

One service provided by InSite is the brokerage of land and building acquisitions for clients seeking to build or operate schools, and the needs of these clients are often very specific. LandVision enables the company to input each client’s requirements and instantly review properties that align with their needs in one application.

“We use property classification codes to locate existing schools or former school properties,” Sainsbury explains. The ability to search using zip code, city, or county boundaries is extremely helpful since our clients are often seeking to place a new school within a very specific area.”

After locating suitable properties, LandVision helps InSite further evaluate promising opportunities. “We also use Landvision to view zoning overlays and for information related to flood risks, sales comps, and property ownership information,” says Sainsbury.

Save Valuable Time in School Site Selection

Prior to using LandVision, InSite was using several sources to gather property data. With over 300 property and tax attributes tied to parcel boundaries out of the box and the ability to import open-portal and GIS data, the company can now review all of the information they need within one application. This enables them to present opportunities to their clients faster than they could before. 

“We can locate both single parcels and possible assemblages for our clients,” Sainsbury says. LandVision allows us to search for properties by type or classification code, and we can visualize flood areas, brownfield sites, and other boundary areas such as school districts.”

Easily Identify Off-Market Opportunities

A significant portion of InSite’s transactions are off-market, and the company spends a majority of its time researching off-market properties and contacting owners. LandVision makes it easy for InSite to access the data they need, regardless of a property’s listing status. 

“LandVision gives us a single-source location for searching for off-market sites, including details on owners and comps for both off-market and on-market properties,” Sainsbury says. “We have closed several off-market properties using information obtained from LandVision.”

Conduct School Site Selection on the Go

InSite has recently begun to utilize the LandVision mobile application to track properties that the company finds while in the field. LandVision mobile delivers property ownership information on the go, allowing InSite employees to pin locations and add notes that automatically sync with their desktop application.

“We previously used Google Maps to do this, but the problem was that we would need to pin the site, add notes, and then search for the owner when we got back to the office,” Sainsbury shares. “With LandVision, we can do that all in one application.” 

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