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Tracking and Managing Massive Amounts of Property Information is No Problem for This Right-of-Way and Real Estate Appraisal Firm

February 16, 2018
Right Of Way Projects, Success Story
By: Vivian Nguyen

LandVision helps position Bender Rosenthal as a market leader for right-of-way and real estate appraisal projects.

When you’re in the business of providing right of way appraisal and real estate services for markets throughout California, the competition is strong and securing a reputation as one of the best in the business isn’t easy. Bender Rosenthal has risen to the top of the markets they serve by delivering exceptional real estate services for right-of-way projects, appraisals, acquisitions/relocation, and Land Services. They handle multiple sectors including public and private agencies, government, and finance, and they needed a tool to ensure they meet the diverse objectives and expectations of their clients.

The services offered by Bender Rosenthal requires the firm to track and manage massive amounts of property information. Beyond that, the work they perform usually has a lot at stake, meaning they need to ensure the information they are working with is accurate and reliable. Realizing a strong land information platform paired with GIS capabilities would give them a competitive edge, Bender Rosenthal on boarded LandVision to track and manage the property data they needed.

Aside from easy access to comprehensive property information, Bender Rosenthal has found several other user benefits are built into LandVision. This includes creating impressive digital map displays, building stronger relationships with their clients, and faster turnaround time for bids, just to name a few. These benefits make LandVision an important tool helping to elevate Bender Rosenthal against their competition.


Land Data with Integrated GIS

Property data integrated with GIS capabilities helps Bender Rosenthal access and aggregate reliable property information, providing them with a clear picture of the properties they are managing and tracking. Using LandVision helps them save a lot of research time, allowing them to turn accurate bids around much faster. Additionally, LandVision easily integrates with Bender Rosenthal’s data so their team is able to effortlessly leverage all the information they have, all on one platform.

Head of research Ross Campbell says, “LandVision provides a mapping solution along with property data and integrated GIS capabilities that we didn’t find in other platforms. We can import our own shapefiles and photos onto LandVision’s visual displays, which is useful in placing bids and is a feature other platforms didn’t offer.”

Digital Maps Easily Illustrate Complex Information for Right of Way and More!

Clients come to Bender Rosenthal for a variety of reasons, including investigating land rights, negotiating agreements with private and government agencies, land appraisals, Right of Way, and much more. Some clients have more knowledge than others when it comes to property data and how to use it effectively, making LandVision’s presentation-ready digital map displays a very effective asset in being able to clearly explain land information to laymen.

Additionally, Ross’s team appreciates that LandVision users do not have to be GIS experts to use it effectively, making it easy for everyone to collaborate and get the information they need.

“LandVision is user-friendly, even for members of our team who don’t have a GIS background. The text-based import feature, along with the ability to upload geocode data by address or latitude and longitude, allows us to quickly access reliable information.”

Tapping into Valuable Land Data

LandVision helps Bender Rosenthal operate more efficiently and increases the validity of their service, including providing legal support and expert testimony for property disputes. Ross points out:

“Being able to visually present information using LandVision’s map displays has been valuable when presenting to laymen, clients, and when having to support appraisals in front of a jury during litigation.”

Digital Map Products makes it simple to access, aggregate and analyze comprehensive land data, while visual maps displays make information readily available for colleagues and clients. Leveraging LandVision helps Bender Rosenthal provide fast, reliable services, generating strong client relationships and proving themselves as a leader in a competitive market.

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