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Researching Land for Wind Energy Development with LandVision

July 1, 2015
Wind Energy
By: Richard Lin

The Digital Map Products team recently traveled to sunny Orlando, Florida to present and exhibit at the 2015 AWEA WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition on the topic of researching land for wind energy development.

As one of the nation’s premier events for the advancement of wind energy, the conference included educational sessions around business strategies and emerging technologies, and high profile speakers within the clean energy space, including U.S. Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz.

wind energy development

Using LandVision for Right of Way and Property Research Activity

At the Thought Leader Theater, we presented “Using LandVision for Right of Way and Property Research Activity.” Focusing on how organizations can improve wind energy land research and subsequent wind energy development site evaluation, we showed how our LandVision research, analysis, and mapping application significantly streamlines the land acquisition processes.

Land for Wind Energy Development

LandVision allows wind energy organizations to access important location data to research land and property information in order to address right-of-way and land management concerns. With the ability to visually map and organize findings, critical decisions can be made faster with higher confidence.

It was exciting to be a part of the AWEA WINDPOWER Conference and Exhibition, a vibrant scene of industry leading professionals discussing the present and future state of wind energy and the emerging technologies powering the industry’s growth.

You can learn more about how LandVision can easily help you research property information, analyze right-of-ways, and manage land assets with the helpful links below:


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