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Realcomm 2019: Top 3 Sessions We’re Keeping an Eye On

June 5, 2019
Commercial Real Estate, Technology
By: Jason Holte

Realcomm 2019 is just around the corner. If you’re headed to Nashville, be sure to visit DMP as part of the LightBox booth (#303)!

The Realcomm conference is billed as “the intersection of commercial and corporate real estate, technology, automation, and innovation.” Each year, leading professionals in PropTech, commercial real estate, data, cybersecurity, and more come together to provide a first look at the topics and technologies that will influence the real estate space in the near future.

Realcomm 2019 Top Sessions for CRE Professionals | Digital Map Products

Realcomm 2019 will take place on June 13 & 14 in Nashville, Tennessee, and while there are countless enticing panels on this year’s schedule, we know your time isn’t unlimited. So, we’ve combed through the pre-show program to identify the three sessions that savvy real estate professionals won’t want to miss at this year’s show.

Top 3 Panels at Realcomm 2019:

1. Fact or Fiction: Making Sense of the RETech, PropTech, and CRE Tech Landscape

CRE technology and PropTech have exploded in recent years, with investment in emerging technologies continuing to rise. This has led to a crowded marketplace, and top real estate professionals constantly need to evaluate new solutions in order to stay ahead of the competition. We’re looking forward to this Realcomm 2019 session exploring the current landscape, dispelling any myths that exist, and providing insights into what the real estate industry needs to know.

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2. API and Data Integration: A Discussion on Industry Best Practices

Cutting-edge real estate professionals likely have a tech stack consisting of multiple applications and web services that fulfill a variety of workflows and business needs. If these systems aren’t talking to each other, or if they rely on disparate data, then knowledge gaps can emerge and inefficiencies are magnified. Where an all-in-one location technology solution isn’t available, it is imperative for commercial real estate professionals to effectively leverage APIs and data integrations to ensure that all of their systems are utilizing consistent, accurate information. At Realcomm 2019, we can’t wait to see how this panel of industry leaders is exhibiting best-in-class data practices.

3. From Hype to Reality: Digital Transformation and Commercial Real Estate

The commercial real estate industry is ripe for digital transformation, and many of the most successful organizations are already replacing manual practices with more efficient workflows built on technology solutions. For some organizations, however, digital transformation remains more of a buzzword than a tangible strategy. We will definitely be paying attention as this Realcomm 2019 panel shares how commercial real estate companies can prepare their organizations to embrace digital transformation and succeed in the new industry landscape.

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